Why is my vape crackling??

by | Feb 20, 2018 | What is CBD (cannabidiol)?

Some people think there is a problem with there vape when they hear it crackle but this usually isn?t the case.

  1. It is normal for your vape to crackle as this is just your e-liquid warming up on the coil.? This is what it needs to do to produce the vapour.
  1. Usually the higher wattage coils in your vape will tend to pop more, due to your heating element having to heat up a lot quicker to get to the required wattage.
  1. You may also find that using your vape with very little e-liquid in, can cause your vape to crackle, so just top up your tank and see if this stops it.
  1. You may also find that your vape crackles less when you need to replace your coil, you may notice that the less it crackles the less vapour or flavour you may be getting.? So your vape crackling can actually be a good indication that it is working well and as it should do.

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