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Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour I’m Blown Away

Jac Vapour has been in the vaping game since 2010 and all their hardware is designed and engineered in the UK, I’ve heard of Jac Vapour over the years but I never got around to trying one of their devices until recently, the Series-B DNA 75W simply blew my mind from the minute I unpacked […]

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Do I Need an Innokin Endura T20 Kit? No! But…..

Do I Need an Innokin Endura T20 Kit? No! But….. I’m an experienced vaper and a kit like the Innokin Endura T20 is nothing that I would be interested in purchasing for myself, However, we owe it to the many tobacco smokers out there to know about and inform them of this device and to […]

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The theory of TANK AIR FLOW and why we NEED IT.

There are many parts that make up the theory of tank air flow and why we need it and use it, I am going to try to help you understand the processes of air flow on e-liquid in a tank as this is what is used by most of us experienced vapers these days. The first […]

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Innokin MVP4 Mod

While looking similar in shape and design to Innokin’s previous MVP offerings the Innokin MVP4 Mod improves with it’s design and functionality but retains many of the features of its predecessors that I loved so much. In the box we have : The Innokin MVP4 Mod A Micro USB Cable A Manual Innokin have improved […]

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Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

The battle begins right here so please take your seats and get ready for the main event, the battle of the century, the ultimate rumble in the tank jungle, introducing the Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils, we are going to take all seven Innokin iSub tanks and use all ten iSub […]

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Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser

When most of us go out with our e-cigs we tend to take a bottle of e-liquid out with us, most plastic bottles are secure with good fitting caps, but on occasion have you ever had e-liquid leak from the lid of your bottle while it was in your pocket or bag? I have! and […]

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Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA

It’s been a few years since Innokin released an RDA, the Innokin Itaste VF Atomizer was their first foray in to the wonderful world of RDA’s back in 2014, the Itaste VF was a great little RDA as it was small and well crafted and for me it created a decent quality of flavour, three years on and Innokin have been […]

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Innokin Cool Fire IV TC100 iSub V Tank Kit

Today I am having a look at the Innokin Cool Fire IV TC100 iSub V Tank Kit, I have been using this Innokin package for a few days now and having used many Innokin Cool Fire mods over the last few years, I have to honestly say that this is by far the best Innokin […]

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Sick, Colds, Flues & Vapers Tongue, Menthol Medicine.

I occasionally suffer with blocked Sinus’s and if you’ve ever been sick, had a cold or the flu or even vapers tongue where you cannot even taste your preferred e-liquid flavour, then there is a simple answer, it may not be the answer you want to hear, but Menthol is a great flavour for Sickness, […]

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Innokin iSub APex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank

Looking at another Innokin tank today, this one is the Innokin iSub Apex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank, the 2ml capacity does seem small but in this day of tanks needing to be TPD compliant sized, Innokin have got this tank out in time and I have to say it is rather a good little […]

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