Why is my e-cigarette saying shorted?

by | Feb 20, 2018 | What is CBD (cannabidiol)?

If your vape flashes up an error message saying shorted or something similar, it is telling you that there is an electrical short occurring.

When an electrical short happens the built-in protection circuit on a regulated MOD will kick in, and this will stop your e-cigarette from working.? This indicates that there is something wrong so when you hit the fire button it will not vape.

A lot of the time the short happens between the coil and the tank and doesn?t have anything to do with the battery itself.? A short can also happen because of a dirty 510 connector, e-liquid leakage or dust can make its way into the connector, this may cause a weak or dirty connection between the coil and the battery causing problems like a shorted error message.

One problem you can try to fix is to see if you have the coil inserted into your tank correctly, you can do this by simply removing the coil and replacing it back making sure that it is inserted in the correct way.

If you have tried to replace the coil with a new one and are sure that it is fitted correctly, you can then try the next step which is to clean out the 510 connector.? Wiping it down will clean it usually resolve any shorting issues related to your e-cigarette.

To clean out the 510 connector you can follow this simple guide.

  1. Remove the tank from the battery
  2. Use a dry cotton bud or tissue to remove dirt or liquid.
  3. Make sure that you give the bottom of the tank a good wipe also before screwing back onto the battery.

Hopefully this will sort out the problem, in most cases these steps should solve your issue,

If you continue to receive a shorted message you can also try your tank on another battery, if you still receive the message there could be an issue with the tank itself it could be worn out and could just be a case of replacing your tank.

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