Cost of charging a E-Cigarette Battery

by | Sep 13, 2022 | Vaping Information

With the spiralling cost of electricity many people are concerned about the cost of charging there Ecig or Vape.

Here at Vapour Shack we set about answering this question.

Below is a guide to charging costs.

Firstly using a very accurate metering equipment we measured the power used to fully charge a variety of Ecig batteries ranging from 500mAh to 5000mAh

Using the data collected we have calculated the following costs for charging a battery based on a cost per kWh of £0.52p.

Example 1000mAh used 0.005 of a kWh costing 0.0026 pence per charge or 26 pence to charge the battery 100 times.

To put this into perspective to cook a slice of toast using a standard toaster uses 0.042 kWh costing almost 3 pence per slice.

As the cost of charging a battery is so small the graph below shows the approximate cost of charging different size batteries based on a per 100 charges.

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