Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

The battle begins right here so please take your seats and get ready for the main event, the battle of the century, the ultimate rumble in the tank jungle, introducing the Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils, we are going to take all seven Innokin iSub tanks and use all ten iSub coils (Kanthal, Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Clapton and Ceramic) to see which combination of iSub tank works best with which iSub coil to give the best vape, we will look at the best combination for both flavour and clouds.

Innokin Isub Tanks?Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

This is going to be the ultimate battle, a battle to end all battles, many variables stand in the way of the ultimate victor, these include the tank size, the way a coil is built, the coil size, which gauge of wire has been used for the coil build, but the ultimate factor is which tank and coil performs better with temperature control and which is better with variable wattage? all these answers are going to be decided today, as the press take to their seats the battle of words begins between our two suitors the Tanks vs. the Coils.

In the Red corner we have 7 of the best tanks that Innokin have ever made, the incredible iSub tanks : Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils
The iSub – Tank Capacity 4ml
The iSub G – Tank Capacity 3.8ml
The iSub V – Tank Capacity 3ml
The iSub S – Tank Capacity 4.5ml
The iSub Apex – Tank Capacity 3ml
The iSub Apex 5 – Tank Capacity 5ml
The iSub A Mini – Tank Capacity 2ml

row of innokin iSub Tanks

In the Blue corner we have 10 amazing Innokin iSub Coils : Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

Stainless Steel





This Tanks vs. Coils bout will require two constants to keep everything above the waist, this will be the E-Liquid being used and the Mod being used.
The Mod for this bout will be the latest Innokin MVP4 device, it gives us 6-100 Watts, 4500mAh with 2 amp charging and the ability to use both Variable Wattage and Temperature Control.
The E-Liquid for this bout will be the ever popular Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquid Golden Tobacco in 0mg strength, a fruit or sweet liquid test would have given to many variants on flavour among both TC and wattage?modes, taste is subjective so using a standard tobacco flavoured e-liquid keeps everything on an even level, thus offering neither fighter an advantage.

Innokin MVP4 Mod?Tempest Storm Premium Eliquid

All Kanthal based coils will be used at exactly 4.2 volts with the conversion being done at steam-engine this will allow the same voltage to be used on the MVP4 with the calculation being given for the wattage based on the coils ohm rating, example: 4.2v on a 0.5 ohm coil would be 35.28 watts and 8.4 amps, this would provide the base voltage and to give all wattage based coils a fair chance, TC coil settings will be based on manufactured stated temperature settings per coil.

The Mod and the e-liquid are the only two constants in this test to find out which is the best iSub Tank and best iSub Coil combination, will the two suitors become best of buddies after the Innokin iSub Tank Challenge? will a tank be left waiting for another challenger? or will a coil and tank combo come forth as the champ of champs? the only thing we can be sure of is that there will be many future challengers for this trophy, but for now though, the fighters will prepare to face the many questions that their fans want answering. Which is the ultimate iSub tank and coil combination?

Tanks Ready? Coils Ready? lets get ready to RUMBLE………..!!

The chart shows the findings of how each Innokin Coil worked with each Innokin Tank.

Some Important Notes: All coils were tested mostly in accordance with Innokin’s preferred temperature or wattage settings, in the case where I have slightly gone over the manufactures settings it is because I was able to dial in a better flavour , I have given my own ratings out of 10 for both flavour and clouds and if I found the vape was cool or warm.

The Results :

Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

I was quite shocked that some of the iSub tanks that I have personally used over the years that I thought were good tanks actually didn’t perform anywhere near as well as I thought they would, I think the overall chart and my personal test does tend to show that tanks have got better over the years in the way that they deliver flavour with the notable mention to the iSub Apex 2ml, I have to put this tank in the absolute first place for overall best tank, but it was not the best with all coil types.

Ordered List of results?:
Kanthal 0.2? coil worked best with the iSub V tank and the iSub Apex 2ml tank, both tank and coil combinations giving a nice warm well rounded flavourful vape with an exceptional amount of cloud, both tanks have a small interior and deliver the vapour well with both of the tanks using a smallish chimney.

The iSub V came out on top for the Kanthal 0.5? coil as well, the tank must really like the higher wattages.

The iSub tank and iSub G tank have to take the honours for the Kanthal 1.2? coil although not convincingly, the flavour was good 8 pointers but personally I don’t think the 1.2? coil was ever that brilliant.

Finally for the Kanthal coils we have the 2.0? and I had to give this to the iSub S tank, the flavour and clouds were very good but the vape was getting hotter with more power going through the coil, not uncomfortably hot but I can only give my opinion of cool, warm or hot and my own preference is a cool to warm vape, but the iSub S did offer a very nice vape.

We now come to the Stainless Steel 316L coil at 0.5? and 4 tanks were in the running for this one, in fact I conducted this test with second SS coils to double check, I was shocked at the variation of tank sizes etc.. getting a great vape from all, but I think the iSub Apex 2ml and the iSub V just edging it, but a notable mention to the iSub S and the large iSub Apex 5 tanks, I can only say that the SS 316L coil is just a beast of?a coil with temperature control, I chose to only test this coil on the TC mode but I did do a wattage test that I did not make note of and the results were the same to not really make any difference, so I would highly recommend this coil especially as you can use it on both TC and wattage mode.

On the Titanium 0.4? coil I found that all the tanks were pretty much the same, the out standing tank for the test was the iSub Apex 2ml but for this one I did not understand why, I can only put this down to the Apex 2ml being so small that it gave more heat which was increasing the flavour, I am not a fond lover of Titanium wire as it can be very finicky especially when building with it and I find that it fluctuates to much, but the Apex 2ml won this test none the less.

Compared to all coils that have come before these next two Nickel coils I have to say that I just could not get a warm vape from either of them in?any tank, I will put the results for Nickel together here and say that the flavour was decent from the coils and each tank did it’s best on cloud and flavour delivery but the warmth was very lacking so obviously that is?down to the nickel coils, probably if I had of pushed the coils well over the parameters of the manufacturers coil specs I may of found heat, but that was against my own rules, but I will push you towards the iSub, iSub V and Apex 2ml for nickel flavour but only if you like extremely cool vapes.

Clapton coils tend to be the in thing at present and that’s because the wires used are great for both providing great heat to the liquid and more wire within the coil being able to evaporate the liquid, I have always got great flavour from self build Clapton’s so I did expect great things from this Clapton coil at 0.5?, the iSub S tank has to come out on top, it excelled well above all the other tanks but there were close runners up notable the iSub Apex on it’s first showing and the iSub V, all three gave a very nice round flavour and clouds for days and I would be happy using any one of them with the Clapton coil.

When It comes to Ceramic coils, you will either love them or hate them, I have used plenty of ceramic coils in Subtanks and I like them, but you have to get use to the fact that a Ceramic coil does have a ramp up delay, it takes longer for a ceramic coil to heat up enough to start vaporizing e-liquid, sometimes you are better holding your fire button for a second before putting the drip tip up to your mouth and taking an inhale, if you can get use to this then you will get a pleasant surprise as ceramic coils are pretty good, the iSub variants I found really good only needing a split second of a ramp up time, and reaching temperature pretty quickly, I had to award this one to the iSub Apex 2ml, again it’s a small tank and flavour is always going to deliver well from a smaller tank as the chimney is smaller so less distance for the vapour to travel and providing a really enjoyable warm vape.

Final Thoughts :
I enjoyed conducting these tests, I know they were not under laboratory conditions and I know they are all based on?manufacturer?settings and we can probably push a coil to get more out of it, but then you jeopardise the life of a coil, the test was more to see which coil and tank combo would be the best out of all the tanks and coils, after all the challenge is called the Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils, so if I have to choose a combo to beat them all and based on my chart then I would have to choose the Stainless Steel 316L 0.5? iSub Coil and put it in the iSub Apex 2ml tank, agreed that I would be having to fill?the tank?every two minutes vaping at 60w or 470F but for the intense flavour and the dense vapour that the SS coil gave me then I would refill the tank 100 times per day if needed.

Thanks for taking the time to checkout this blog, I hope you manage to match up your iSub tank with an iSub coil that you may like to try.

If you need any Innokin coils or tanks then the website at may have them in stock or you can call in to see us at our Stoke On Trent Store.

Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA

Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA

It’s been a few?years since Innokin released an RDA, the Innokin Itaste VF Atomizer was their first foray in to the wonderful world of RDA’s back?in 2014, the Itaste VF was a great little RDA as it was small and well crafted and for me it?created a decent?quality of?flavour, three years on?and Innokin have been listening to the RDA user community to be able to offer us in 2017 their all new Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA.

Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA

This Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA Features :
An Air Flow Control System
Wide-Open Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip
Single or Dual Coil Configurations
24mm Diameter
Deep Juice Well
510 Threading

Euros (Eurus) was the god of the East wind in Greek Mythology and that sums up this Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA brilliantly, we are so use to RDA’s having air slots in the side of the top cap, so that the air can feed the coils, but in the case of the Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA, we still have the same two air slots but on the deck we have a cut out on each side pointing up to where the coil would sit, so the air will enter the top cap slots then be bounced and aimed upwards to hit the coil from a lower angle thus creating a much better flavour,?just a brilliant idea and a great design aspect from Innokin.

Also the Innokin iRoar Eurus RDA has a slightly tapered dome shaped top cap, this is also known to give a great flavour, the vapour has a smoother journey in to your mouth as the flow is not broken by harsh angles or ledges within the top cap.

In the Box :
The Eurus RDA
A Couple of Ready Built Coils (about 0.4 ohm each)
An Allen Key
Some Pieces of Cotton
Bag of Spare?Replacement Screws
A Bag of Spare O-rings

innokin iroar eurus rda therion?innokin iroar eurus rda evolv dna

The Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA is available in various colours including Black, Blue and Gold and each one comes with an Ultem?style Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip which has a bore of just under 10mm in diameter, the drip tip is held in place by an internal top cap O-ring of the pressure fit variety?and is firm and does this job well, the top cap is engraved with the iRoar Eurus logo, it is a very well machined top cap with no sharp edges or burrs and feels very nice in the hand.

On to the base or deck of the Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA and we have twin O-rings that will hold the top cap in place, these O-rings fit the top cap snuggly meaning that the top cap will not be loose, we have a standard 510 fitting on the base of the deck containing what looks like a gold plated screw which then enters the deck to be flush with the inside base or drip well, this leads me to believe that Innokin could well be able to provide a Squonk pin in the future which would make this RDA very desirable for the price point.

The deck is a twin post four screw design that kind of reminds me of the deck of the Sapor RDA, it’s not the same but similar in style although this iRoar Eurus deck does have the directional air flow ramps on the base to help the air get directly to your coils, the deck is a single or twin coil RDA?however does only have the twin air flow slots, so if you like lots of air flow on a single coil then you’ll love it, I would primarily use the deck for twin coils and I believe you would easily fit two 3.5mm coils in with no problem, the two coils that are supplied in the bag?do appear to be 3mm inner diameter coils of flat Clapton wire design.

innokin iroar eurus rda 321 tab?innokin iroar eurus rda build

The positive?post?is milled well in to the deck and the negative post sits on?an insulator and is screwed in to the deck very well, the deck is a gold plated style deck with deep juice wells?meaning the deck will be able to hold?plenty of?that lovely Japanese Organic Cotton, the posts have Allen head screws to clamp your wires and?I would?say they could easily fit a 22 gauge wire although the coils that come with the Innokin iRoar Eurus RDA are?wires?much larger in diameter so pretty much most builds will fit.

The Innokin iRoar Eurus RDA is 24mm in diameter including the top cap and the Ultem style Delrin?base disc, the Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA does sit flush on all of my mods from Innokin but also fits flush?on more of my expensive mods from other manufacturers.

Using the two coils that came with the iRoar Eurus RDA from Innokin I was able to get a dual coil build giving me a 0.2? range, there is plenty of space on the build deck so I was?able to get plenty or Organic Japanese cotton in there, I soaked the wicks?with the ever popular Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquid choosing this time to go for the Mango flavour, the wicks soaked I gave a little heat to the coils to smell the aroma as the juice soaked in to the coils and I felt?like I was in the tropics, the smell of juicy sweet?mango, lovely. I replaced the iRoar Eurus RDA top cap and placed the RDA on to my Innokin MVP4 device, I set the initial wattage for the 0.2? build at 60 watts until it had bed in and the flavour of the mango was abundant and refreshing, I gradually raised the wattage until I hit my favourite point of 4.2 volts at 88 watts and the mango flavour was even more intense, it was a little less sweet at a higher wattage but it was a more pronounced flavour, it was like peeling and biting in to a fresh mango.

innokin iroar eurus tempest storm mango

If your interested in purchasing the Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA then please see the website or visit us in store at our Stoke On Trent shop.


Here is a build video for the Innokin iRoar Eurus RDA using Stainless Steel 316L 26GA wire, a dual coil build for fantastic flavour that can be used in wattage mode or temperature control modes.

Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

Innokin iSub APex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank

Looking at another Innokin tank today, this one is the Innokin iSub Apex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank, the 2ml capacity does seem small but in this day of tanks needing to be TPD compliant sized, Innokin have got this tank out in time and I have to say it is rather a good little tank and the coils offer a great flavoursome vape.

In The Box:
The Apex Sub Ohm Tank
Two 0.5 ohm Coils
A Drip Tip
A Bag of Spare O Rings
A User manual

Innokin iSub APex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank

This Innokin iSub Apex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank is the new top quality TPD compliant sized tank which is manufactured with 100% Quality Stainless Steel and the coils are built to include Japanese organic cotton for the wicking material which does give a superior flavourful vape on the 0.5 ohm coils.

Looking at the tank close up it is sleek and sits on top of any of my mods without looking too small, for a 2ml tank you’d think it was small but it really isn’t, I guess the way it is manufactured to make it look larger than it actually is gives the Innokin Apex a big plus in the style stakes, it is a really nicely designed tank and the black drip tip sets it off a treat, the tank has some really impressive air flow holes which sit above the coil, this means that the airflow will enter the coil walls helping to cool the coil then feed up through the centre of the coil as the inhale to give some incredible flavour and vapour, this also makes sure the 0.5 ohm coils will not be starved of air flow, the quick and clean juice fill system is again used here as on some of the other Innokin iSub tanks, it’s a tried and tested method of filling the tank with e-liquid and works very well indeed, most needle or nozzle tip bottles will fit giving an effortless fill system.

Specs of the Innokin iSub Apex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank:
PRISM Flavor+
Quick and Clean Top Fill
Dual Adjustable Airflow
100% Stainless Steel
Removable Drip Tip
No Spill Coil Swap System
2ml Capacity Tank

The coils are the main star of this tank for me, the 0.5 ohm coils give an amazing flavour, I don’t know if it’s the Japanese cotton used, the gauge of the wire or the wire coil diameter, it’s probably a mix of the three that create a great vape, it helps that the tank is small as well and there was plenty of cloudy tasty vaper at the recommended 20 to 35 watts for the coil.

The Innokin iSub Apex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank utilizes the innovative Innokin No Spill Easy Swap Coil System which I have come to love with Innokin tanks, no more unscrewing coils from a base like with other manufacturers, you simply pull out the old coil and replace with a new one, it’s so easy and hassle free, I wish more tank makers did the same thing with their products but this is why Innokin are so Innovative, they think about what will make a vapers life easier and then they produce it.

The Innokin iSub Apex Mini 2ml Capacity Subohm Tank?is available in Black or Stainless Steel and?can be purchased from the website Here.

Innokin Tank iSub Coil Challenge 7 Tanks 10 Coils

SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit

When I got hold of the SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit I knew what I was letting myself in for, a triple 18650 mod that would be way to oversized and another one of Smok’s mega cloud wielding tanks that would produce no flavour what so ever, but, “oh my! was I shocked at how much I loved this kit,”.

The SMOK Marshal G320 is going to be a big device before you even physically get it out of the box because any mod that can hold a set of?triple 18650 batteries is going to have to be large to accommodate the three cells, on unpacking the Smok G320 you really do get to see the splendour of this oversized box mod in all it’s glory, the version I?had has a black metal body with red accentuated fire button and menu buttons.

SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit

In the box came :
The Marshal G320 Mod in a Black and Red Design
The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank
A V8 Baby-X4 Core 0.15 ohm Quadruple Coil
A V8 Baby-T6 Core 0.2 ohm Sextuple Coil
A Replacement Glass Tube
A USB Cable
The User Manual
And a bag of spare o-rings

No mod has ever been so futuristic in looks and yet so full of technical innovation inside and this is the second only time that I’ve looked at a Smoktech device and firmly liked what was in front of me, the Smok Marshal G320 is a big mod and it feels big in the hand, it has a lot of substance to it so if you have small hands this one may well be a challenge, although the curves of the body are streamlined and smooth, with an impressive classy black metal body and a fire button that is placed so ideally for me to just thumb press and actually the fire button in red reminds me of something robotic like a Cyclops eye or something, it just stands out and shouts “Press Me”, there is also the two smaller buttons on the side of the device which stand out on their own merits also red they are neither the same size as each other but make the look so appealing and unique, this one definitely gives me that futuristic vibe of using something that is not quite the norm of what I’m use to.

The outside of the mod is finished off with a square OLED screen on the top of the device which is something I’ve never had before, all my mods have the screen placement on the side of the body, but the Smok Marshal G320 makes looking at the screen so natural, I can even view and read it while taking a vape, it’s fantastic and bright with all the relevant information right their in front of you, volts, ohms, amps resistance, wattage, puff count, individual battery levels for all three cells and even tells you the temperature of the board?inside the mod?and much more info than is really needed but very informative, I have to give kudos to the designer of this device, it peeked my interest the minute I lifted the box lid.

The Marshal G320 will take triple 18650 batteries to give you a maximum wattage of 320 watts but you do not need to use three cells if you don’t want to, the G320 has a neat feature that will allow you to fit double 18650 batteries instead and give you only 220 watts, how amazing is that? this will make the mod a little lighter for you if weight is a concern, but I chose the three cells as this Smok device is all about the power it can provide.

Speaking of power, the specs of this device are as follows 😕
Triple or Optional Dual 18650 Platform: 320W – 220W
Mod Dimension 89.5mm x 61.5mm x 31mm
Fires down to a 0.06 ohm Resistance (TC)
Fires down to a 0.1 ohm Resistance (W)
Temperature Range of 200F – 600F
Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel
0.96 Inch Top OLED Display
Classy Side buttons
A Hinged Battery Cover
Gives a fully Balanced Charge Protection to all cells independently
A Micro USB Port for firmware upgrades and charging
A 510 Connection
Resistance Range: 0.1 -3ohm (VW) / 0.06 -3ohm (TC)

With The TFV8 Baby Beast I decided to try the V8 Baby-X4 Core 0.15 ohm Quadruple Coil first in the Tank which I filled with my favourite Ethos Crispy Treats e-liquid and I then placed the primed coil and tank on top of the G320 to sit and soak for a while, the TFV8 Baby Beast tank sits great on top of the G320 with the visible red O-rings of the tank matching the red accents of the mod perfectly and the tank is black in colour so gives the whole package a pleasing aesthetic, the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank has a rather large chuff style drip tip so I’m obviously going to get clouds for days from this Smok product just?like when I tested the TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank.

SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit

If my e-liquid was a humble pie flavour then I would be vaping a lot of it, I have got Smok totally wrong again, the SMOK Marshal G320 really does feel nice in the hand during full time use as I knew it would, from the button placement to the accentuated colours and to the OLED screen this mod is just perfect for my style of vaping and mod use, I have no issues what so ever based on my use after a week with the G320, but where I eat humble pie is with the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Tank, I have been using the tank and mod for a full week and I’m still on the V8-X4 0.15 ohm coil, it is standing up perfectly to my Crispy Treats e-liquid which is high in sugar and is known to gunk a coil up, but this coil just keeps giving, this is why I actually rebuild my own coils and wicks daily, but the Baby Beast coil is handling my juice with no problem, I’m also stunned, when I tested the TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank I had clouds for days and It was really off putting for me as I’m a flavour junky, A tank needs to give me flavour or it gets put to the back of the vape draw, but with the TFV8 Baby Beast I have a very nice flavour especially with the 0.15 ohm coil, and I don’t have to reach some stupidly high wattage to get the flavour, This is either down to the coil or the fact that the Baby Beast is a smaller tank than the Cloud Beast or a combination of both coil and tank size.

I am currently at 55 watts with the triple batteries installed, the coil is rated best at 45w – 60w, I have a perfect flavour from my e-liquid and most shockingly is that I have a decent amount of cloud compared to the Cloud Beast Tank which gave me way to much cloud, I can only put this down to the coil that I’m using as I used exactly the same DIY e-liquid in the Cloud Beast Tank, the vape from the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank is cool to warm at 55w which is my preferred vape temperature, the clouds are full bodied and dense but?no where near cloud chasing territory and the flavour is just stellar, I just hope the 0.2 ohm coil will be much the same but I will update this blog as and when I try that coil but at present and looking at the coil I’m currently using I think I’m going to get at least another few days before flavour starts to diminish.

In summery I have to say that I am totally mistaken in thinking Smok is all about clouds, I have found a Smok Tank in the TFV8 Baby Beast that is great for my style of vaping and one that looks really classy and well suited to the mod that it came with, the?SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit,?the well suited pair that are still giving me “the exceptional vape that I wasn’t expecting“.

If you fancy trying out this same kit, Vapour Shack has it available on the website HERE.

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank

Having recently tried a Smok mod for the very first time I thought I may as well give one of Smok’s tanks ago too, so I picked up a SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank from Vapour Shack and what a beast it was,?it was giving me endless dense clouds from the extremely high wattage, a warm to hot vape and all this while getting strange looks from a few of my fellow anglers.

The SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank was on my radar as I am an avid tank user, but I had never been interested in using one as the word cloud tends to put me off, you see! in the world of vaping there tends to be two narrow minded trains of thought as to which vaping style you adopt, your either a cloud chaser or a flavour chaser, I am the latter and I always have been, it’s all about the?flavour for me, I like to taste my e-liquid and always choose a tank that is known to have coils that help bring out the flavour and is built in a way that helps the flavour get to your mouth in a better more efficient way, so usually when I see the word Cloud as in The Cloud Beast Tank, then this type of tank would not peek my interest, why we have?this mass of clouds?vaping style I will never know, “I don’t remember standing in the fag hut at work having cloud chasing competitions with my co-workers when we were all smoking Marlboro Reds“.

In the Box we get :
The SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank
A V8-T8 Octuple Coil Head at 0.15 ohm
A V8-Q4 Quadruple Coil Head at 0.15 ohm
A V8 Exclusive Turbo RBA Head at 0.28 ohm
A 510 RDA Drip Tip Adapter
A Replacement Glass Tube
The User Manual
And there are some spare parts including cotton and tool for the RBA, spare O-rings and spare screws.

Smok TFV8 The Cloud Beast Tank Silver

The TFV8 is titled as the ultimate sub ohm atomizer and I was pretty sure that would be the case as you don’t often come across packaging with a picture of a violently erupting volcano on the front of the box, so the first thing that struck me when unpacking the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank was not the size of the fantastic 6ml capacity tank or even all the spare parts you get, it was seeing by far the largest coil heads that I have ever seen, I guess if you are going to use such low resistance coils in a tank your going to need a large housing to keep them in and Smok have certainly not shied away from using metal here, the first coil I looked at also blew my mind in the sense that this thing had four coils inside it and packed with lots of fluffy white cotton, at this point while looking I could only imagine the vapour that would come out of this beast but knew two things at this point, the chimney in the tank was going to have to be huge to carry all the vapour up to your mouth and I was going to need a mod with a power output of at least 100 watts just to get anywhere near the best the Cloud Beast Tank was offering me.

The TFV8 tank has a diameter at the base of around 24mm but does get a little wider at the glass to hold the 6ml of e-liquid stated, and the lid has a pretty neat way of opening so that you can fill the tank easily, SMOK has developed there own style of swivel cap that can be pushed to the side to reveal a silicone gasket with a large fill hole, once the tank is full you just snap the lid closed again, we get a nice wide bore style chuff cap drip tip made of Delrin and the tank has two of the largest bottom airflow holes I’ve seen in ages that can be opened and closed by rotating a metal ring at the base, the stainless steel chimney of the TFV8 is large and will do a good job of channelling the vapour from the coils to the mouth efficiently, lastly the tanks construction is shiny stainless steel and there are some bright orange o-rings that make the tank stand out but whose colour ultimately reminded me of that erupting volcano, “should I take the chance to evacuate or stick around to see what happens“.

The tank is pre-installed with a 1.5 ohm quadruple coil head and this is the one I had primed and planned to use, so I filled the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank and put it in my vape bag with a bottle of juice and took myself off fishing for a couple of days along with my regular vape gear and another Smok product I was testing, I have a Cuboid 200 watt device that I had recently updated so decided to pair this up nicely with the Cloud Beast tank as they are both an incredibly shiny stainless steel colour they matched very well in deed.

So I’m sitting at my peg fishing away vaping on my usual DNA 75 device that I take with me and using a Kanger Subtank and enjoying the sunshine when it was time for lunch and I remembered the TFV8, so I poured a coffee and fired up the Cuboid and took my first lung hit, on exhaling the vapour you would of thought there was a bush fire near by, The last time I’d seen this much vapour I was at Vapefest, I tend to vape a 70PG / 30VG blend of DIY e-liquid and the clouds are usually ok but flavour is my goal, but this tank absolutely chucks out the vapour, admittedly there was only a fraction of my favourite flavours that I could taste in this tank but this is promoted as a cloud tank and not a flavour tank, I was kind of enjoying the cloudiness haze I was giving off but it was starting to get the attention of my fellow anglers, I swear I could see one of them sending Indian smoke signals back to me hahaha, the vapour was also warm to hot in the mouth?and I tend to prefer a cooler type vape at around 30 watts.

Smok TFV8 The Cloud Beast Tank Black

I was running this quadruple coil at 150 watts where it is recommended to be at between 120 and 180 watts but I don’t believe in maxing out nearly a full 200 watts on a tank, I think it’s over kill to be honest, no?one needs a coil so powerful mainly because your twin 18650 battery device will not last very long at all until it is drained of all power, I can see the reason why cloud chasers want a tank like this and the coils that Smok produce, but I can honestly say that the flavour of the juice that I know very well was pretty much non existent in the Smok TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank, after all it’s not a flavour tank and it was never designed to be.

I have not used the RBA deck as yet but do plan to soon and will be interested to see what build I can fit in there to give me a few extra clouds but the flavour that I so much enjoy with my style of vaping.

If you are in to the high wattage style of vaping and you like to chase clouds, then this SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank should be at the top of your vape mail shopping list, you just won’t get any better style of tank for the price that it is, this package not only gives you two coil heads but also gives you an RBA deck ready to go. Vapour Shack stocks the SMOK TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank HERE.

Kangertech Tanks and Coils Catalogue

The Kangertech Tanks and Coils Catalogue page is for vapers that may have?a?Kanger?tank in there vaping?gear that they?may not?of?used for a while, or they may of forgotten about which coil a tank might take or whether those coils are even still available, it’s also handy to know which coils will fit which tanks, at this time most manufactures are redesigning their tanks but still using the same coils for various tanks, so the catalogue is here for reference. we hope?you may find?the information on this?page useful?now and in the future, if you do require any Kangertech tanks or coils then Vapour Shack should have them in stock.

Kanger have made quite a few tanks and cartomizers over the last few years and it’s amazing to know that you may still be able to get coils for that very old tank that is at the back of your vape shelf.

[table id=4/]

We will keep updating this list as new?Kangertech tanks and coils?are released.

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