Use an E-Cig? Traveling Abroad on Holiday? Make Yourself Aware.

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Vaping Information

Use an E-Cig? Traveling Abroad on Holiday? Make Yourself Aware.
If you are travelling abroad on your summer holidays this year and this is your first time of travelling abroad since becoming a vaper then fear not about taking your e-cig away with you, with a little bit of knowledge and making yourself aware about your holiday destination regarding vaping, you should be fine vaping on your holiday, after all the last thing you want to do is?return to smoking tobacco on your holiday?

Some countries around the world are not quite as tolerant as the United Kingdom when it comes to vaping, so google your destination before you leave the UK shores to check on your destinations laws concerning vaping, we’ve all heard the stories over the last few years of a US vaper in Saudi Arabia arrested and who spent 12 hours in a police cell due to it being illegal to vape on the streets in that particular country, or the Swedish vaper in Singapore where it was legal to vape but not legal to blow out a huge plume of vapour, he ended up with a $200 fine, It’s always safer to find out the rules before you go away.

When it comes to airlines in the UK they have a pretty standard set of rules for us vapers, UK airlines have been pretty lenient really when it comes to carrying the equipment with only safety advice dictating the best way to carry your vaping equipment, e-cig regulations change all the time and from one year to the next, so the responsibility lies with you as the vaper to check what you can do and what you cannot, but I will try to give you a few tips.

Use an E-Cig? Traveling Abroad on Holiday? Make Yourself Aware.

Can I take an e-cig on the plane?
Many airlines do allow you to carry your e-cig on board the plane as long as it’s in your carry on luggage, although it is always best to check with the airline before travel.

Can I take E-liquid on the plane?
As long as your e-liquid is not in a bottle of over 100ml and you keep it within a clear plastic bag alongside your other liquids that you usually take on holiday then you should have no problem, I actually prefer to just carry a 20 ml plastic bottle on the plane, all my other liquid will be packed within my suitcase which goes in the planes cargo hold, exact regulations vary from airline to airline but if unsure the airlines website does sometimes give you their best policy updates, but our UK airlines are very good with us vapers really as long as you follow a few basic regulations as any holiday make has to.

Do I put my e-cig in my suitcase?
All batteries must be carried in your hand luggage, so if your e-cig has a battery then no it cannot go in to your suitcase, but this has been the case for a few years now, due to pressure within the hold of a plane, batteries could leak or even explode, no matter if it’s an iPad, a cd player or your e-cig batteries, they all have to travel in your carry on luggage, some people may think this would make your carry on bag quite heavy but in real terms it does not really, if you were worried about carrying 18650 batteries in your hand luggage then take a rechargeable device with you instead and carry that in your hand luggage.

Can I charge my e-cig on the plane?
No, this is not permitted by any UK airline that I know of.

Can I vape or use an e-cig on a plane?
No, this is not permitted by any Worldwide airline that I know of, if you cannot smoke then you are not likely going to be allowed to vape, if you think you can get away with vaping in the aircrafts toilet then think again, there has been cases of vapers doing this and the smoke alarms being triggered on the plane.

Will my tank?leak on?the plane?
It has been known that cartomizers can leak and it has been known that tanks that are full to the brim have leaked or even cracked due to the changing pressure of the aircraft during flight, if you are taking spare tanks then leave them empty in your hold luggage, only carry with you what you need until you reach your final destination.

Can I use my e-cig at the airport?
Usually you cannot vape inside the airport, however if once you’ve gone through security there is a smoking room or walkway for smokers?then you can stand with the smokers and have a vape, I know it’s not great but airports do not believe in spending money on vapers or understand that we wish to stay away from stinky tobacco smokers and have a room of our own.

Can I take my e-cig through customs and security?
Yes, you are perfectly fine to go through security with e-cigs in your bag, years ago before most people had heard about e-cigs we did use to get questions from security, but these days most world security has learnt what they are and that there are so many styles of an e-cig.

Vaping at your destination?
Most countries do allow vaping whether that be in the hotel or on the street or in a designated area, but it is up to you to check your own destination, most of the bans in some countries were more a ban on selling e-cigs rather than banning the use of them however some countries have even gone this far and it is illegal to vape, so please google and check your own destination.

Use an E-Cig? Traveling Abroad on Holiday? Make Yourself Aware.

Above all remember to enjoy your holiday, vaping is a way of life for us vapers in the United Kingdom but some countries differ a lot from our own, some countries in Asia see vaping as dangerous to the health, this is based on false reports years ago by big tobacco and a gullible viewing audience who believe everything they are told on TV, other countries where vaping is not allowed by residents but is allowed by tourists do exist and you may have interested locals come around you to talk, vaping is different all over the world, some do and some don’t, so please be mindful and do your research, it’s better to be armed with a little knowledge about local vaping than to go with none at all and have your holiday wrecked due to being uninformed.

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