Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids Range

Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids Range

Vapour Shack stock the finest Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids range, Tempest E-Liquid is British made which means quality?and it’s TPD notified, so customers can be assured it will meet with all quality control rules, regulations and guide lines that are being enforced on e-liquids here in the United Kingdom.

Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids are expertly blended with close attention to detail that maintain consistency and quality throughout the whole range, They use the finest ingredients to deliver us a great vaping experience, Tempest Storm is created to British and European standards in dedicated facilities.

Tempest blend and manufacture their ingredients to give the customer a flawless finished product that provides a consistent and exceptionally long lasting flavour.

So ?TASTE THE DIFFERENCE? and give the Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids range a go.

Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids come in Nicotine Strengths of
High – 18mg
Medium -12mg
Low – 6mg
None – 0mg

Three of the flavours in the range are being looked at here:

Cherry from Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids is true to the flavour of a freshly picked cherry from the cherry tree, It’s more of a fruity maraschino cherry flavour rather than a man made cherry candy type found in other cherry flavoured liquids, It’s a deep, rich, dark, refreshing cherry vape and a full bodied vape on the inhale where the red cherry taste is very noticeable but not over powering.

The exhale is cool that leaves the scent of a freshly picked bowl of summer cherries on your tongue and the room smelling of a lovely aroma of cherries, it’s a very satisfying vape on it’s own and I could quickly recommend it to all, but taste is subjective and what tastes good to one may not necessarily taste good to another person, but in this case, I would recommend this Cherry Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquid to everyone just to try, I would even consider mixing this with one of my favourite tobacco flavours to give it a cherry kick and create a blend of my own, oh my! the possibilities now seem endless.

Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids Range Cherry

Peach from Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids gives a vape that is refreshing, crisp and bright, you know when you have a ripe peach in the fruit bowl and you take a bite, you get the ripe and juicy peach juice explode in your mouth, well this Tempest peach?e-liquid does just that, it smacks you in the mouth and takes you back to that fruit bowl.

Sweet, succulent and juicy is the only way I can explain this peach flavour, it packs a powerful peach flavour in to your mouth and leaves you craving more once you’ve exhaled, it’s sweet but not overly sweet, it’s fragrant of peach but not over fragrant, I’ve vaped a whole 10ml bottle just while writing down these thoughts, admittedly I kept stopping to enjoy this vape but I will be getting more of it.

I do tend to prefer a more complex flavour like a peach cobbler or peach cake but sometimes a back to basics fresh tasting e-liquid is just what’s needed and Tempest Storm peach is my back to basics favourite of all the peach flavours I’ve ever tried.

Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids Range Peach

Rhubarb and Custard from the UK made Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids range is just smooth, sweet and a nice custardy goodness with a sharp tangy after taste of ripe fruity Rhubarb, Rhubarb and Custard has been around for years in e-liquid variety but they’re either too sickly sweet of custard or far too sharp on the Rhubarb with some brands tasting more like gooseberries and cream.

This beautiful Rhubarb and Custard from the Tempest line gives you both flavours in a mild and dignified manner, on the inhale I taste the rhubarb which is fruity with a little kick of sharpness that follows down to the lung before an exhale that envelopes me in creamy vanilla goodness of warm succulent yellow custard.

I would ask you not to trust to my taste buds, but to ask you to give this one a try, Rhubarb and Custard from the Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids range gives you a nostalgic cross between the creamy taste of your mums custard on a Sunday afternoon and a tangy hit of poached Rhubarb from your Granny’s kitchen.

Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquids Range Rhubarb and Custard

Taste is subjective so I’d love to here what you guys think.

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