The theory of TANK AIR FLOW and why we NEED IT.

The theory of TANK AIR FLOW and why we NEED IT.

There are many parts that make up the theory of tank air flow and why we need it and use it, I am going to try to help you understand the processes of air flow on e-liquid in a tank as this is what is used by most of us experienced?vapers these days.

The first process to using a tank is that your e-liquid needs to get to the coil or coils depending on what coil head or build you have installed in your tank, but to the most part tanks tend to use juice inlet ports that allows the e-liquid to pool around the first part of cotton it comes too which then allows the liquid to saturate through the entire coil and wick system.

The theory of TANK AIR FLOW and why we NEED IT.

The next process is that when we press the button to make a live contact with the power source the coils begin to heat and this intern causes the e-liquid to vaporize which is being absorbed?by the cotton wicking material, then the final process is that through the inhalation process air is drawn over or past the coil allowing the vapour and coil to cool slightly as it heads towards your mouth, When you think about the process like this it actually only takes a fraction of time for this whole process to happen to give us the satisfaction we get from vaping.

In the early days of vaping we used to use cig-a-likes or e-cigs that were meant to mimic a traditional tobacco cigarette, so when you think about a real cigarette, you light the tobacco and when you inhaled you were pulling air past the lit and burning end of the cigarette which helped keep the tobacco alight and the smoke was drawn up the entire cigarette tube to your mouth where it became inhaled, so in a cig-a-like the process was similar and it was quite tight to inhale as the airflow was quite obstructed as it is in a traditional cigarette, some vapers like this type of tight draw and are usually called mouth to lung vapers as the draw is tighter.

Now when it comes to something like sub ohm vaping these days?we have the ability most of the time to alter this air flow to allow more?air to pass the coils creating more vapour which can give the vaper a totally different experience depending on how you use the airflow, but there is a down side to lots of air and that is at the expense of flavour, as with a cigarette, the lesser airflow produced a flavour that we liked, that is why we all had our favourite brands and we stuck to them, the same thing kind of applies to e-cigs, if you get the airflow correct for the liquid then you find a favourite or an All Day Vape.

You can open up the airflow slots fully on your tank to allow maximum air pass through your coil and you will get maximum clouds and an ok flavour, or you can half open your airflow to allow a moderate amount of air to travel through your coil, you will still get a decent amount of clouds but you will increase the flavour, but closing the air flow even by half will give you a slightly tighter draw?from?your tank, so it’s a balance and well worth tweaking to get this correct.

Newer vapers tend not to know or understand much about airflow due to being new to vaping, and why should they? we’ve all been there, we just want to use a device that can mimic a tobacco cigarette so a tighter air flow is more preferable to a new vaper, however if the newer vaper knew about airflow then they might be able to up the performance of there device and tank to give themselves a much nicer vape with certain e-liquids that they are staring out with.

The airflow rings on a tank or an RDA are there for a reason, that reason is to allow us the user to alter the airflow to give us the best from the tank or RDA depending on the draw we want, the flavour we require from the e-liquid, and keeping the whole tank cooler or warmer and allowing the vapour to be warmer or cooler as it enters?the mouth.

We all need to experiment with airflow that is why nearly every tank has it these days, for an example….. I can use a tobacco e-liquid in an iSub tank on an MVP4 and I could have the airflow on the tank nearly closed, meaning that I get a nice tight flavourful warm draw very reminiscent to the cigarette I am?trying to mimic,?on the other hand….?I can use the same setup but this time?I am?using a fruit flavoured e-liquid but at an airflow?fully open?setting, the taste of the fruit is?cool?but?not very?strong in taste, so I choose to?close the airflow a little altering the?vape until I get the desired setting to allow me to taste the fruity taste?to?how I want to taste it and at the temperature that I want it to be, tweak, tweak, tweak, you cannot mess anything up here.

The guidelines of more airflow that I follow are thus: The theory of TANK AIR FLOW and why we NEED IT.
I get a lot more vapour if the airflow is open.
I will get a less flavour or be able to tone a flavour down if too strong.
The lung hit I get will be better as I’m creating more vapour as I inhale.
I will get less of a throat hit as the vapour is weaker due to there being more air.

The guidelines of less airflow that I follow are thus:
I get a less vapour if the airflow is more closed.
I will get a more flavour from the e-liquid.
The lung hit I get will be less as I’m creating less vapour as I inhale but I’m getting more satisfaction.
I will get more of a throat hit as the vapour is more intense due to there being less air.
I will have a much more warmer vape so certain flavours can taste better.
I can get that more cigarette type draw from this setup.

In Summary:
There are many things that can give us a pleasant experience when vaping, choosing the correct tasting e-liquid flavour to start with, choosing the correct tank that suits your device or mod your using?and the correct coil build in the tank?to suit the type of?juice your using will all help to bring out the best flavour, but learning how airflow can alter the flavour the?heat and the overall vaping?experience is the easiest thing we can tweak to really make your vaping experience a whole?lot better, do not be afraid to alter the simple setting of airflow?and see what suits you better, you may just find that the one e-liquid you like is much better with less airflow, but your all day vape excels with the airflow wide open, tweak, tweak, tweak and you could just find that sweet spot that vapours crave for. The theory of TANK AIR FLOW and why we NEED IT.

The theory of TANK AIR FLOW and why we NEED IT. (written by Jay) The theory of TANK AIR FLOW and why we NEED IT.

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