SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit

SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit

When I got hold of the SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit I knew what I was letting myself in for, a triple 18650 mod that would be way to oversized and another one of Smok’s mega cloud wielding tanks that would produce no flavour what so ever, but, “oh my! was I shocked at how much I loved this kit,”.

The SMOK Marshal G320 is going to be a big device before you even physically get it out of the box because any mod that can hold a set of?triple 18650 batteries is going to have to be large to accommodate the three cells, on unpacking the Smok G320 you really do get to see the splendour of this oversized box mod in all it’s glory, the version I?had has a black metal body with red accentuated fire button and menu buttons.

SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit

In the box came :
The Marshal G320 Mod in a Black and Red Design
The TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank
A V8 Baby-X4 Core 0.15 ohm Quadruple Coil
A V8 Baby-T6 Core 0.2 ohm Sextuple Coil
A Replacement Glass Tube
A USB Cable
The User Manual
And a bag of spare o-rings

No mod has ever been so futuristic in looks and yet so full of technical innovation inside and this is the second only time that I’ve looked at a Smoktech device and firmly liked what was in front of me, the Smok Marshal G320 is a big mod and it feels big in the hand, it has a lot of substance to it so if you have small hands this one may well be a challenge, although the curves of the body are streamlined and smooth, with an impressive classy black metal body and a fire button that is placed so ideally for me to just thumb press and actually the fire button in red reminds me of something robotic like a Cyclops eye or something, it just stands out and shouts “Press Me”, there is also the two smaller buttons on the side of the device which stand out on their own merits also red they are neither the same size as each other but make the look so appealing and unique, this one definitely gives me that futuristic vibe of using something that is not quite the norm of what I’m use to.

The outside of the mod is finished off with a square OLED screen on the top of the device which is something I’ve never had before, all my mods have the screen placement on the side of the body, but the Smok Marshal G320 makes looking at the screen so natural, I can even view and read it while taking a vape, it’s fantastic and bright with all the relevant information right their in front of you, volts, ohms, amps resistance, wattage, puff count, individual battery levels for all three cells and even tells you the temperature of the board?inside the mod?and much more info than is really needed but very informative, I have to give kudos to the designer of this device, it peeked my interest the minute I lifted the box lid.

The Marshal G320 will take triple 18650 batteries to give you a maximum wattage of 320 watts but you do not need to use three cells if you don’t want to, the G320 has a neat feature that will allow you to fit double 18650 batteries instead and give you only 220 watts, how amazing is that? this will make the mod a little lighter for you if weight is a concern, but I chose the three cells as this Smok device is all about the power it can provide.

Speaking of power, the specs of this device are as follows 😕
Triple or Optional Dual 18650 Platform: 320W – 220W
Mod Dimension 89.5mm x 61.5mm x 31mm
Fires down to a 0.06 ohm Resistance (TC)
Fires down to a 0.1 ohm Resistance (W)
Temperature Range of 200F – 600F
Supports Ni200 Nickel, Titanium and Stainless Steel
0.96 Inch Top OLED Display
Classy Side buttons
A Hinged Battery Cover
Gives a fully Balanced Charge Protection to all cells independently
A Micro USB Port for firmware upgrades and charging
A 510 Connection
Resistance Range: 0.1 -3ohm (VW) / 0.06 -3ohm (TC)

With The TFV8 Baby Beast I decided to try the V8 Baby-X4 Core 0.15 ohm Quadruple Coil first in the Tank which I filled with my favourite Ethos Crispy Treats e-liquid and I then placed the primed coil and tank on top of the G320 to sit and soak for a while, the TFV8 Baby Beast tank sits great on top of the G320 with the visible red O-rings of the tank matching the red accents of the mod perfectly and the tank is black in colour so gives the whole package a pleasing aesthetic, the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank has a rather large chuff style drip tip so I’m obviously going to get clouds for days from this Smok product just?like when I tested the TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank.

SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit

If my e-liquid was a humble pie flavour then I would be vaping a lot of it, I have got Smok totally wrong again, the SMOK Marshal G320 really does feel nice in the hand during full time use as I knew it would, from the button placement to the accentuated colours and to the OLED screen this mod is just perfect for my style of vaping and mod use, I have no issues what so ever based on my use after a week with the G320, but where I eat humble pie is with the Smok TFV8 Baby Beast Tank, I have been using the tank and mod for a full week and I’m still on the V8-X4 0.15 ohm coil, it is standing up perfectly to my Crispy Treats e-liquid which is high in sugar and is known to gunk a coil up, but this coil just keeps giving, this is why I actually rebuild my own coils and wicks daily, but the Baby Beast coil is handling my juice with no problem, I’m also stunned, when I tested the TFV8 Cloud Beast Tank I had clouds for days and It was really off putting for me as I’m a flavour junky, A tank needs to give me flavour or it gets put to the back of the vape draw, but with the TFV8 Baby Beast I have a very nice flavour especially with the 0.15 ohm coil, and I don’t have to reach some stupidly high wattage to get the flavour, This is either down to the coil or the fact that the Baby Beast is a smaller tank than the Cloud Beast or a combination of both coil and tank size.

I am currently at 55 watts with the triple batteries installed, the coil is rated best at 45w – 60w, I have a perfect flavour from my e-liquid and most shockingly is that I have a decent amount of cloud compared to the Cloud Beast Tank which gave me way to much cloud, I can only put this down to the coil that I’m using as I used exactly the same DIY e-liquid in the Cloud Beast Tank, the vape from the TFV8 Baby Beast Tank is cool to warm at 55w which is my preferred vape temperature, the clouds are full bodied and dense but?no where near cloud chasing territory and the flavour is just stellar, I just hope the 0.2 ohm coil will be much the same but I will update this blog as and when I try that coil but at present and looking at the coil I’m currently using I think I’m going to get at least another few days before flavour starts to diminish.

In summery I have to say that I am totally mistaken in thinking Smok is all about clouds, I have found a Smok Tank in the TFV8 Baby Beast that is great for my style of vaping and one that looks really classy and well suited to the mod that it came with, the?SMOK Marshal G320 and TFV8 Baby Beast Tank Kit,?the well suited pair that are still giving me “the exceptional vape that I wasn’t expecting“.

If you fancy trying out this same kit, Vapour Shack has it available on the website HERE.

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