Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour I’m Blown Away

Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour I’m Blown Away

Jac Vapour has been in the vaping game since 2010 and all their hardware is designed and engineered in the UK, I’ve heard of Jac Vapour over the years but I never got around to trying one of their devices until recently, the Series-B DNA 75W simply blew my mind from the minute I unpacked the device to using it everyday as my daily driver for vaping, frankly! if I’d of known how good their products were I could well of saved myself a lot of money over the last few years.

Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour

I have some amazing mods in my collection of vape equipment, some of them work good straight out of the box, others need a bit of tinkering to get the best use from them, but the Series-B DNA 75W from Jac Vapour was and is just a perfect device, from the minute I held the solid packaging to the touch of the rubberized tactile coating of the device and right through to using the Series-B DNA 75W everyday for all my vaping needs I felt quality everywhere and I knew I was vaping with a piece of quality hardware, this device simply is “class & beauty personified” and that is coming from someone who has some devices in his collection that cost ?400 plus, for those of you looking for a solid vape device that covers all the vaping styles in a small, powerful and classy profile or if you are looking to upgrade your gen 1 device to a generation 2 device that could last you a life time, then I would ask you to look at the Series-B DNA 75W from Jac Vapour, it may just be the best vaping decision you make since deciding to quit tobacco.

DNA75 from Jac Vapour

Generation 1 devices are simply the device that got you to give up tobacco cigarettes in the first place, most have a small pen styled battery and atomizer that is not hugely powerful but it does the job of giving you that nic hit to get you off the fags, some vapours choose to stay with a gen 1 device as they are not comfortable with upgrading, or they are not happy to take the next step in their vaping due to the unknown, or they would rather keep buying gen 1 products and getting fed up of short battery life and they would probably end up back on tobacco, others do want to move up whether it be to try temperature control or just to have the power to go a few days on a battery rather than having to recharge a Gen 1 device every night, there are many reasons vapers do choose to upgrade so hopefully you may just be one of those gen 2 adopters that wants to improve the quality of their vaping or try a new style of vaping.

So what is the Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W all about? Designed by JAC in the UK, and marrying their own exceptional design with Evolv’s industry-leading DNA75 chip, the SERIES-B DNA 75W packs plenty of punch in an exceptional good looking and compact device, the wattage and temperature control box mod is for those who demand more from their vape and vaping style but the DNA board from Evolv has the ability to offer you a more satisfying and consistent vape than most Gen 2 devices do on the market.

The Features of the SERIES-B DNA 75W:

Stylish and compact design
The smallest DNA75 mod available
Dimensions ? 88mm x 22mm x 35mm
Dual layer finish for better durability
Up to 75W of power
Max temperature of 600F for temp control
Spring loaded positive 510 connector
Variable wattage and temperature control modes
USB on board charging and pass thru
Electroplated magnetic battery cover
0.91? OLED display
Advanced safety features
Loads of customisation possible via Evolv’s EScribe software
6 month UK held warranty

The very high quality construction with advanced safety features make this SERIES-B DNA 75W a supremely reliable device and with Evolv’s DNA75 chip on board means you will get unparalleled performance.

Evolv DNA board in the SERIES-B DNA

Whether you’re in it for the clouds or just looking for a trusty daily carry and go device then this is the device you need, the box includes the SERIES-B DNA 75W box mod a USB charging lead a Manual and the 6 month warranty so all you would also need to purchase is an 18650 battery and you will have what I consider to be the best generation 2 mod available today on the planet for form factor, style and use and worked flawlessly…… “It simply is that good and I’m blown away”.

Any of your 510 threaded tanks will fit on to this device so no need to go buying a new tank at all, so if you have a favourite tank simply screw it on top and vape away, I am currently using the Innokin iSub A mini tank in black on my Jac Vapour SERIES-B DNA 75W and it looks fantastic and works effortlessly but I have also tried tanks from Kanger, Aspire and Smok and all the coils work so nice with the DNA 75 chip, it delivers about the smoothest vape I’ve had from a mod.

Being an Evolv DNA board in the SERIES-B DNA you have access to fully accessible firmware so your device can be kept up to date and have the settings of the device update in the future.

Vapour-Shack com has the Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W for sale online or call in to the shop at Ford Green Mill, Ford Green Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 1NG where a member of staff can show you the device in person, all that’s left to decide is, are you a Gen 1 vaper or are you a Gen 2 next level type of vaper?

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