Sick, Colds, Flues & Vapers Tongue, Menthol Medicine.

Sick, Colds, Flues & Vapers Tongue, Menthol Medicine.

I occasionally suffer with blocked Sinus’s and if you’ve ever been sick, had a cold or the flu or even vapers tongue where you cannot even taste your preferred e-liquid flavour, then there is a simple answer, it may not be the answer you want to hear, but Menthol is a great flavour for Sickness, Colds, Flues & Vapers Tongue and?it is?truly a Menthol Medicine. Sick, Colds, Flues & Vapers Tongue, Menthol Medicine.

Sick, Colds, Flues & Vapers Tongue, Menthol Medicine.

How many times have you been vaping your usual all day vape?e-liquid only to pick up your e-cig take a vape and think that doesn’t taste right? or not be able to taste your vape at all, you then realise the next day when your lying in your bed sipping cold and flu remedies, your trying to vape but not getting any flavour and thinking what is the use? well I can tell you that Menthol flavoured e-liquid could just be your best friend at these times.

Menthol is fast becoming the E-Juice of choice for that temporary relief from cold and flu symptoms for vapers, colds and flus can cause your sinus’s to become blocked and most of what we can taste comes from receptors in the nose and not always from the tongue as once thought, Menthol does a good job of temporarily easing the sinus cavities making us be able to breath a little easier, of coarse it is not actually doing anything but what it is doing is causing a cooling effect inside your sinus.

Now admittedly, I do not generally vape Menthol flavours of any kind for enjoyment, but on reflection I do use menthol quite a lot when my sinus’s play up, I tend to use just a standard menthol e-liquid but there are so many flavoured menthols out there, Storm Force by Cloudy Reef is one which is a powerful collision of menthol and mint and a spearmint after taste, there is also The Wise Guy by VaperCrew which is a blend of apple, red and white grape and cool ice menthol if you like menthol and fruit, fruit and menthol gives a nice refreshing flavour but I tend to prefer menthol on it’s own.

Storm Force by Cloudy Reef?The Wise Guy By VaperCrew

So Menthol may not be your e-liquid flavour of choice but even the dreaded vapers tongue will hit us all at some point, this is when our taste buds are just so use to our regular e-liquid flavour that we will have a day or two where we just cannot taste our all day vape, menthol is great for rebooting our taste buds, vape menthol for a day or two and then go back on to your own daily vape and you should be right as rain, it works for me and?I always keep a bottle of menthol in for these exact occasions.

So the next time you get Sick or have a Cold or the Flu, or?the dreaded Vapers Tongue pays you a visit, Menthol e-liquid is fantastic to keep in your vape cupboard for just these occasions. has various menthol flavours available so there should be a flavour to suit your tastes.

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