Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser

Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser

When most of us go out with our e-cigs we tend to take a bottle of e-liquid out with us, most plastic bottles are secure with good fitting caps, but on occasion have you ever had e-liquid leak from the lid of your bottle while it was in your pocket or bag? I have! and it’s messy,?that’s where the Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser excells, it’s a leak free device for your e-liquid and it looks a lot classier than a cheap plastic bottle.

Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser

The Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser is made from Stainless Steel which is believed to preserve the flavour of your e-liquid, it is capable of holding 10ml of your favorite e-liquid and is very easy to use, simply remove the lid which also has a noddule on the top so that you can place the Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser on a lanyard or key chain, remove the sprung needle tip portion which is used for filling your desired tank or RDA, you will be left with the main chamber, this can be filled with 10ml of e-liquid in an easy fill way.

innokin ucan with lid?innokin ucan with lid and needle tip

Simply once filled, replace the blunt needle part section?and replace the lid, when in closed mode the needle tip presses against a silicon grommit to stop e-liquid leaking during transit in the Ucan, a plastic bottle does not have that feature hence why we can get leaking from plastic bottles, when you are out and you need to drip in to an RDA?or top up your favourite tank, you simply remove the lid, place the needle tip in your desired tank and press the plunger style button on the base of the Ucan, your e-liquid will be delivered with no mess at all, when you have filled your tank, simply replace the lid and vape away, the remainder of your e-liquid will be stored for a later fill in the Innokin Ucan.

The Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser is a really classy device for carrying around your e-liquid, the blunt needle tip is long enough to be able to fill almost any device and the threads are machined excellently, this is a quality and classy piece of equipment that just looks and works fantastically.

innokin ucan set up and dissasembled

The Innokin Ucan E-Liquid Dispenser V2 version is state of the art, convienient and fun and is available on the website at a fantastic price of ?8.99 currently, it is well worth a look, why carry a plastic bottle like every other vaper when you can carry something with more style and much more class.

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