Innokin MVP4 Mod

Innokin MVP4 Mod

While looking similar in shape and design to Innokin’s previous MVP offerings the Innokin MVP4 Mod improves with it’s design and functionality but retains many of the features of its predecessors that I loved so much.

In the box we have :
The Innokin MVP4 Mod
A Micro USB Cable
A Manual

Innokin MVP4 Mod

Innokin have improved the MVP line a huge amount since the very?early days of the MVP models that only featured 15 and 20 watts, 2017 introduces Innokin’s fourth iteration in the line, the Innokin MVP4 Mod, this device still keeps that box looking shape and has a huge battery capacity as the older models had.

The last Innokin offering being the MVP3 only had 30 watts of power, this MVP4 cranks out a much larger 100 watts?of vaping power and also features a large 4500mAh internal battery which will easily see a moderate vaper through the day, however this time we do have a 2Amp micro USB Quick Charge feature?which will see the device charge incredibly quickly, the MVP4 also doubles as a power bank if needed, so also ideal if your smartphone needed a boost of power due to low battery.

The Innokin MVP4 Mod is powered by Innokin’s amazing Aethon microchip, which has advanced Temperature Control capabilities and includes modes for Stainless Steel SS316L wire, Ni200 wire and Titanium wire as well as the standard Kanthal wires, where one of the Aethon microchip features really excels is?it’s ability to detect and avoid dry hits when vaping, which is fantastic, but the Innokin MVP4 Mod also features many other safety precautions as Innokin is so well known for.

The Tech specs :
Aethon Temperature Control Chipset
Stainless Steel 510 Threads
Gold Plated Contact Pin
Battery Capacity: Built-in 4500mAh Battery
Operating Wattage: 6.0 – 100.0 W
Temperature Control: Nickel (Ni200), Titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel 316 (SS316)
Temperature Range: 150-315C / 300-600F
Minimum Resistance: 0.1ohm
Recommend Resistance for TC Mode: Ni200 (0.1 – 0.2ohm), Ti (0.1 – 0.5ohm), SS316L (0.2 – 1.0ohm)
Maximum Working Current: 30A
Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5V
High Quality and Bright OLED Display Screen
5V/2A Micro USB Quick Charge
Power bank Function
Vape While Charging Technology
Precision Temperature Control
Direct Current – Steady Power Output
Balanced Even Coil Heat Up
Ultra Low External Heat Generation
Dry Hit Detection and Prevention
Ultra Low Standby Power Consumption

We get high quality Stainless Steel threads on the 510 connection and also a gold plated 510 connection pin, gold allows for currents to flow more smoothly and being a 510 thread means its compatible with the majority of RDA’s and Tanks on the market.

The large OLED screen is mounted on the side of the device and displays all the information you would need such as the wattage or temperature depending on what mode you are?in and the?charge level of the battery, the Innokin MVP4 Mod also features pass through technology and can be used while it is charging which is a bonus if this was your only device.

All together I think Innokin have again given us a device that simply works and works well, I have found the Innokin MVP4 Mod to be fantastic in all modes with all wires, my favourite setup?for this device being NI200 wire, the Dry Hit Detection and Prevention feature is amazingly well implemented and I’ve never feared over a dry hit while taking the longest inhale, the mod feels solid in the hand, weighty but not over weighted and the button placement is comfortable to use, all in all I have found the Innokin MVP4 a great device to use as an everyday mod. has the Innokin MVP4 Mod on the website in the colours of Blue, Red, Aquamarine, Black and Silver so a colour to suit all tastes.

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