Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA

Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA

It’s been a few?years since Innokin released an RDA, the Innokin Itaste VF Atomizer was their first foray in to the wonderful world of RDA’s back?in 2014, the Itaste VF was a great little RDA as it was small and well crafted and for me it?created a decent?quality of?flavour, three years on?and Innokin have been listening to the RDA user community to be able to offer us in 2017 their all new Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA.

Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA

This Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA Features :
An Air Flow Control System
Wide-Open Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip
Single or Dual Coil Configurations
24mm Diameter
Deep Juice Well
510 Threading

Euros (Eurus) was the god of the East wind in Greek Mythology and that sums up this Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA brilliantly, we are so use to RDA’s having air slots in the side of the top cap, so that the air can feed the coils, but in the case of the Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA, we still have the same two air slots but on the deck we have a cut out on each side pointing up to where the coil would sit, so the air will enter the top cap slots then be bounced and aimed upwards to hit the coil from a lower angle thus creating a much better flavour,?just a brilliant idea and a great design aspect from Innokin.

Also the Innokin iRoar Eurus RDA has a slightly tapered dome shaped top cap, this is also known to give a great flavour, the vapour has a smoother journey in to your mouth as the flow is not broken by harsh angles or ledges within the top cap.

In the Box :
The Eurus RDA
A Couple of Ready Built Coils (about 0.4 ohm each)
An Allen Key
Some Pieces of Cotton
Bag of Spare?Replacement Screws
A Bag of Spare O-rings

innokin iroar eurus rda therion?innokin iroar eurus rda evolv dna

The Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA is available in various colours including Black, Blue and Gold and each one comes with an Ultem?style Delrin Wide bore Drip Tip which has a bore of just under 10mm in diameter, the drip tip is held in place by an internal top cap O-ring of the pressure fit variety?and is firm and does this job well, the top cap is engraved with the iRoar Eurus logo, it is a very well machined top cap with no sharp edges or burrs and feels very nice in the hand.

On to the base or deck of the Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA and we have twin O-rings that will hold the top cap in place, these O-rings fit the top cap snuggly meaning that the top cap will not be loose, we have a standard 510 fitting on the base of the deck containing what looks like a gold plated screw which then enters the deck to be flush with the inside base or drip well, this leads me to believe that Innokin could well be able to provide a Squonk pin in the future which would make this RDA very desirable for the price point.

The deck is a twin post four screw design that kind of reminds me of the deck of the Sapor RDA, it’s not the same but similar in style although this iRoar Eurus deck does have the directional air flow ramps on the base to help the air get directly to your coils, the deck is a single or twin coil RDA?however does only have the twin air flow slots, so if you like lots of air flow on a single coil then you’ll love it, I would primarily use the deck for twin coils and I believe you would easily fit two 3.5mm coils in with no problem, the two coils that are supplied in the bag?do appear to be 3mm inner diameter coils of flat Clapton wire design.

innokin iroar eurus rda 321 tab?innokin iroar eurus rda build

The positive?post?is milled well in to the deck and the negative post sits on?an insulator and is screwed in to the deck very well, the deck is a gold plated style deck with deep juice wells?meaning the deck will be able to hold?plenty of?that lovely Japanese Organic Cotton, the posts have Allen head screws to clamp your wires and?I would?say they could easily fit a 22 gauge wire although the coils that come with the Innokin iRoar Eurus RDA are?wires?much larger in diameter so pretty much most builds will fit.

The Innokin iRoar Eurus RDA is 24mm in diameter including the top cap and the Ultem style Delrin?base disc, the Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA does sit flush on all of my mods from Innokin but also fits flush?on more of my expensive mods from other manufacturers.

Using the two coils that came with the iRoar Eurus RDA from Innokin I was able to get a dual coil build giving me a 0.2? range, there is plenty of space on the build deck so I was?able to get plenty or Organic Japanese cotton in there, I soaked the wicks?with the ever popular Tempest Storm Premium E-Liquid choosing this time to go for the Mango flavour, the wicks soaked I gave a little heat to the coils to smell the aroma as the juice soaked in to the coils and I felt?like I was in the tropics, the smell of juicy sweet?mango, lovely. I replaced the iRoar Eurus RDA top cap and placed the RDA on to my Innokin MVP4 device, I set the initial wattage for the 0.2? build at 60 watts until it had bed in and the flavour of the mango was abundant and refreshing, I gradually raised the wattage until I hit my favourite point of 4.2 volts at 88 watts and the mango flavour was even more intense, it was a little less sweet at a higher wattage but it was a more pronounced flavour, it was like peeling and biting in to a fresh mango.

innokin iroar eurus tempest storm mango

If your interested in purchasing the Innokin iRoar Eurus 24mm RDA then please see the website or visit us in store at our Stoke On Trent shop.


Here is a build video for the Innokin iRoar Eurus RDA using Stainless Steel 316L 26GA wire, a dual coil build for fantastic flavour that can be used in wattage mode or temperature control modes.

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