Why E-Cigarettes?

Why E-Cigarettes?

Why E-Cigarettes?, Electronic Cigarettes or E-Cigs are what is generally?known as a vaping device, it’s classed by users as an alternative to smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Tobacco cigarettes are known to be responsible for killing many?thousands of smokers each year, tobacco contains so many harmful?chemicals and nasty substances that can’t be seen but they can?ultimately kill you, just the things you can see when using tobacco?include Bad Breath – Stinky Odor – Stained Teeth – Yellow Fingers and?Burn Marks On Your Clothing, so imagine all the unseen ingredients of?tobacco that could put you in a box six feet under.

This is why so many people have found vaping or using E-Cigarettes a?safer and more enjoyable alternative to traditional tobacco smoking,?Vaping or E-Cig use has No Tar to get in to your lungs and cause?breathing difficulties, vaping does not involve burning any kind of?tobacco, vaping does not create stinky smoke and because you don’t?burn tobacco you will get no ash or toxic substances and you will not?get what we’ve already talked about like Bad Breath – Stinky Odor – Stained Teeth – Yellow Fingers or Burn Marks On Your Clothing.

E-Cigarettes are already sounding amazing now aren’t they?

Well! to be honest they are!, more and more people are turning to?Electronic Cigarettes these days for the above reasons, ex smokers are?simply fed up of smoking and want an alternative to using tobacco but?one that offers them a much safer and enjoyable way to do it without?all the harm and let alone the cost of tobacco these days, smokers of?tobacco are these days staring to become a minority as the army of?vapers continues to grow at a very fast rate, vaping or E-Cig use is?increasing yearly and in the United Kingdom alone there is an?estimated 2.8 million vapers as of February 2017 and many many more?worldwide.

Electronic cigarettes are definitely a better safer alternative for?the smoker, they supply a smoker all they need, you have the ability?of having the nicotine you crave, in a way that is similar to smoking?a traditional cigarette, you still?hold something in your hand and?raise it to your mouth as you do with a traditional tobacco cigarette?and instead of blowing out stinky smoke, you can blow out a nice?scented vapour.

So your now asking yourself why you hadn’t heard of this before?

Well honestly Vaping or E-Cigarette devices have been around since?2007/2008 when some of us had to import very basic devices in from?China, these electronic devices looked very similar in size and colour?to the way a traditional cigarette looks it had a battery that heated?up a coil of wire which in turn vaporized an E-Liquid which you?inhaled, they worked as an alternative way of smoking and got quite a?few of us early users off tobacco cigarettes, since those years the?use of the devices has gained popularity and they have improved in?their design and now work in a more productive and efficient way?making it easier for newer user to pick up and try with great ease.

Almost over night e-cigarettes started becoming a very attractive?alternative for smokers wanting to quit tobacco so the vaping scene?became very popular and Electronic Cigarette devices started hitting?the market in large quantities and at a very fast rate, it pretty much?halted the tobacco industry and made them take notice that there was?now something that could help stop peoples dependency on tobacco?burning cigarettes.

It’s the first time a real practical alternative to tobacco use?appeared that smokers were happy to try and today thousands of smokers?worldwide are moving over to E-Cigarettes at an amazingly fast rate,
many smokers are becoming aware of the dangers of using tobacco with?all the stories in the media and the mountains of scientific proof?from medical specialists telling the population to stop using tobacco?that smokers are willing to try anything to get off tobacco and many?are looking at Electronic Cigarettes as the answer, thankfully E-Cigs?are working.

If you are interested in stopping smoking and you want a real?alternative then please give E-Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes or?E-Cigs a try.

Alternatively call in store where our trained staff can explain &?advise you to get the devise most suited to your needs.

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