Coil Master DIY Kit V3 for Coil Builders

Coil Master DIY Kit V3 for Coil Builders

If you are a Do It Yourself coiler or you want to get in to building?or making your own coils then the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 for Coil Builders is the only all in one tool package you will need, All the tools and accessories you need in one zipped hard case, Coil Master has thought about all the tools you could need and built a package up around coil building to make life easier for the DIY coil builder.

So before going in to more detail, lets take a look at a few images of the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 and see what is included in this excellent all in one package.

Coil Master DIY Kit V3 Contents :
1 x Pen styled Phillips screwdriver
1 x Pen styled Flathead screwdriver
1 x Ceramic Tweezer (T1)
1 x Elbow Tweezer (T3)
1 x Needle-nose pliers
1 x Diagonal pliers
1 x Stainless steel folding scissors
1 x Silicon rubber case for jigs
1 x Coiling Kit V4
1 x 30ft 24GA?Kanthal A1 wire
1 x T styled HEX screwdriver (?1.25mm, ?1.5mm, ?2.0mm?
3 x Japanese Organic Cotton
1 x 521 Mini Tab

Coil Master DIY Kit V3?Coil Master DIY Kit V3?Coil Master DIY Kit V3

First of all I think the most important item you need to own when building your own coils is an OHM reader, the 521 Mini Tab included in the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 for Coil Builders is the item every coil builder needs, it not only serves as a base to screw your device deck on to but it will safely read and check your coil ohms and with a flick of the switch it will fire your coil, the 521 Mini Tab takes 1 x 18650 battery in the base (not included), and can read and fire coils down to a 0.01 resistance.

The Coiling Kit V4 and the Silicon rubber case for jigs are the two items used to make your coil sizes, from 1.5mm diameter coils up to 4mm diameter coils, there is also a T styled HEX screwdriver which has three head sizes to fit most hex screws on various sized decks, we have a pair of Stainless steel folding scissors which are great for cutting cotton, if you only use them for cotton then they will always be free of contaminants and will cut your cotton cleanly and neatly.

The Pen styled Phillips and Flathead screwdrivers are for decks that have either of these screw types and that are a larger sized head than Hex screws, the Ceramic Tweezers are great for pinching your coil while firing the coil, if you were to pinch a coil while firing with an ordinary metal tweezer you would create a short on your mod and the coil would snap, but ceramic is non conductive so the Ceramic Tweezers are great to have in the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 for Coil Builders.

The kit also includes some Elbow Tweezers these are great for poking the cotton in to the deck once it has been passed through your coil, the Diagonal pliers are awesome for trimming the excess tails off of your coils, they get in really close and snip just where you need them too, the Needle-nose pliers are great for stubborn wires that will not fit through screw holes very easily and are great for grabbing the wire.

Last but not least, you can not build any coil without some wire or cotton, there is a 30ft reel of 24GA Kanthal A1 wire included to give you a great start building a coil on most RTA’s or various RDTA’s and Coil Master also include some Japanese Organic Cotton to get your wicking of the coil done at the same time.

Sometimes you maybe building on a smaller than average deck and the included 24GA wire might be too thick, however Vapour Shack does stock other Coil Master wire sizes and I would recommend customers spend a little extra and purchase a 28GA wire as this wire is a lot more versatile for many other smaller RDTA’s and it’s always worth having a good selection of Kanthal wire gauges as you never know what you may need to build a certain resistance of coil too, also extra cotton is always going to be needed so Pro Cotton from Vapour Shack is well worth using.

Coil Master A1 Wire?Coil Master Pro Cotton

Coil building maybe something your interested in learning about, the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 is the only tool you will need to start you off on that road of learning, it’s a great kit and I use mine nearly every day, I have a lot of RDA’s, Tanks and RDTA’s, most of them I rebuild with a coil that suits?the?flavour preference of a particular e-liquid, and you are not limited to pre made coils when you have a kit such as this.

I will be making a video or tutorial in the coming weeks to show you how to build a basic coil using the Coil Master DIY Kit V3 for Coil Builders and the included wire and cotton to show you just how easy it is to do, so please keep an eye open for this on our social media.

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