Innokin Coolfire Mini Complete Vaping System with Slipstream Tank

Innokin Coolfire Mini Complete Vaping System with Slipstream Tank

This week?I got hold of the Innokin Coolfire Mini Complete Vaping System with Slipstream Tank included?as a?kit, in the hand I will just say that this? is one STEALTHY mod,?this device is so small and yet so mighty in power that you can have it in your hand while out and about and no one would ever know, it’s such a small stealthy package but it has power by the bucket load.

Innokin Coolfire Mini Complete Vaping System with Slipstream Tank

In The Box you will get :
The Innokin Coolfire Mini Device
The Slipstream Tank
2 x 0.8 ohm Kanthal Coils (20w – 35w)
Micro USB Charge Cable
User Manual
Spare O-Rings for Tank
A Silver Drip Tip (Metal)
A Black Drip Tip (Plastic)
Some Innokin Stickers

The Innokin Coolfire Mini Complete Vaping System with Slipstream Tank box has all the upcoming TPD regulation notifications on view?as well as?the standard Innokin Authenticity and Security Scratch and Check sticker so you can check that this is a genuine Innokin product, it’s a small compact box for this?compact and powerful vaping system.

The Specs of the Device :
6 – 40 Watts Precise Output
3 – 7.5 Volts
Will fire down to 0.2 Ohms Resistance
Micro USB Charging
1300 mAH Internal Lipo Battery
Stainless Steel 510 Connection
Overheat Protection
Over Discharge Protection
Charging Protection

The Coolfire Mini device is tiny in my hand but I just can’t get over how solid and well made it is, although! it shouldn’t surprise me,?Innokin always make rock solid and reliable devices, this device measures just 63mm tall without the slipstream tank fitted and you can totally understand why it is called a mini mod,?also the device only weighs 79 grams so you would not even notice this in your bag or pocket, have I told you that this mod is compact?

When I think back to all the Coolfire Devices that Preceded the Innokin Coolfire Mini it shows you how far Innokin have come in producing us such an exceptional piece of?hardware for us to use today, the Coolfire line started with the Coolfire 4 which in relative terms was quite a chunky device, next came the Coolfire 4 Plus followed quickly by the Coolfire 4 TC 100 and the Coolfire 4 TC 18650 which were all large devices and once you added a tank on top were by no means small pocket able devices, so to put it in to perspective the Innokin Coolfire Mini Complete Vaping System with the Slipstream Tank fitted is smaller than any of the previous Coolfire mods on their own with no tank fitted, that shows you how small this fantastic kit is and how well Innokin have progressed over the years.

The Innokin Coolfire Mini is a stand alone Variable Wattage and Variable Voltage device, there is no Temperature Control here?as the size of the device would of had to?of been much?bigger, the Coolfire Mini has?an air fed 510 connection on top that can comfortably hold an old style bottom pin tank that needed air flow from the 510 connector but with today’s modern tanks this is not needed but Innokin have thought about us retro vapers with all our old bits of kit too, we have a curved style fire button on the Innokin Coolfire Mini which is very comfortable to use and a very good LCD screen to give us the info we need at a glance, the Plus and Minus buttons are small and tactile?and the USB connector is very solid and usable for charging the device, we have safety vent holes on the side of the device for our protection and?the device is available?in various colours including??Black, Blue, Pink, Silver & Purple.

innokin-cool-fire-4 mini-black-pink-silver-blue-purple

The Slipstream tank is a top air hole fed tank with a bottom coil placement this means the air will feed down from the triple adjustable air slots go down through the chimney in to the outer wall of the coil, then feed up inside the coil to give you the exceptional flavour and vapour that this tank is capable of providing, this way of circulating air flow helps in keeping your coil cool which in tern produces a better flavour?from your e-liquid,?the coils also have large juice slots so? they will wick very well indeed even using a thicker liquid and the tank will hold 2ml of juice which?is TPD Compliant, this tank is a perfectly matched tank for the Innokin Coolfire Mini device giving you a superb vape in a very small package.

So in summary the Innokin Coolfire Mini Complete Vaping System with Slipstream Tank is a great system if your after a nice stealthy vaping device while out and about, it will fit in your pocket and you wouldn’t even know it was there, the Innokin Coolfire Mini Complete Vaping System with Slipstream Tank would also make a fantastic device for a new vaper, this is because it has no fancy bells and whistles that would confuse a person new to vaping, you simply just fit a coil, choose your wattage and vape away, it’s a simple yet small and compact device that is practical both inside and outside for both advanced vapers that want a discreet device or for the newbie that wants?a first device and one that gives a?great vape.

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