Cloudy Reef E-Liquids Review Flavour Blends from Vape Crew

Cloudy Reef E-Liquids Review Flavour Blends from Vape Crew

Here is a my Cloudy Reef E-Liquids Review, I am firmly in the camp of dessert type flavours as my normal day to day flavour profile, it’s taken me over eight years of vaping to come to this conclusion, in that time I’ve tried so many e-liquid flavours and eventually I decided that my favourite flavours consists of custards, caramels, creams, meringues, doughnuts, cookies, ripe strawberry and peach type vapes, so my All Day Vapes includes liquids like Crispy Treats which is a rice crispy and meringue drenched in creamy milk or flavours like strawberries and cream or Jam and cream doughnuts.

So Vapour Shack gave me a whole load of Cloudy Reef e-liquid flavours at my preferred nicotine?strength of 3mg and said “go ahead and taste test them”! so I have done and?I didn’t just have a taste off each one, I actually vaped 10ml at a time using a fresh coil for each flavour and it has taken me?two weeks to write this review and get it right to exactly what I taste and how I felt about each Cloudy Reef liquid I tried, but I ask you to?please remember that taste is subjective, we don’t all taste the same things but I will do my best to let you know what I taste.

Firstly, Cloudy Reef make TPD notified e-liquids, the company launched in 2016 and are part of the Vape Crew portfolio but concentrating on more complex flavours and blends, the Cloudy Reef Range features 16 flavours, each with their own unique character,?the collection bears all the hallmarks of Vape Crews impeccable quality and long lasting flavour and I will taste test 10 random flavours from the Cloudy Reef range, I have not chosen these flavours, they have been chosen for me blind, so I may or may not like them but I will be truthful whatever.

I have chosen two setups for these taste?tests, one basic setup as I wanted something that a newer vaper may choose?so I will be using an?Innokin Itaste MVP?mod and the?Innokin I30 Tank?with a new Standard Kanthal coil for each flavour?and vaping at 8.4 watts which is what a newer type vaper?may be starting at, I will also be using a more advanced setup of a Velocity RDA coiled with Stainless Steel wire at 0.2 ohms on a Therion DNA 75 mod to see if I can pick up any different flavour notes at a higher temperatures.

Beachcomber By Cloudy Reef :

Cloudy Reef E-Liquids Review Flavour Blends from Vape Crew

So the first liquid in the range that I tried was Beachcomber, it is described as a smooth, sweet bubblegum that drifts into strawberry and watermelon, it is a 3mg/ml 80VG/20PG mix as all the liquids I tested so here are my thoughts, the liquid on the inhale is very cool and gives me a mild watermelon flavour, the exhale is where a couple of the flavours are very prominent, the strawberry and bubblegum taste is sweet and strong with more of the gum being present, after the exhale has finished there is a lingering watermelon and strawberry flavour at the back of my throat, not unpleasent at all, this is a complex thing to get right having three prominent flavours but it really works for this Beachcomber liquid, I would actually order this as it’s very refreshing and a real change from my standard all day vape.

Storm Force By Cloudy Reef :

Storm Force -by Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

“OMG!! It was like being on a ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean during a powerful force 10 gale with waves 30 feet tall crashing down on the?deck and the howling wind blowing through my entire body in an aftermath of menthol annihilation”, that is my description of Storm Force by Cloudy Reef, all I can say to put it in perspective is that if you suffer with sinus problems or you have a head cold or indeed you suffer from the dreaded vapers tongue where you cannot seem to taste your e-liquids, then Storm Force is for you, Cloudy Reef have taken three of the strongest flavours in the e-liquid world, tossed them in a bottle and said “I Dare Ya”, of the 10 flavours I have to try, this will be the only one at the moment that I will not be able to vape a full 10ml of, I love Spearmint and this blend tastes of spearmint, but it’s the powerful collision of menthol and mint that is definatley knocking my life vest off here, it’s just too damn strong for my pallate, if you love mint and menthol with the sweetness of spearmint then I guess you will love Storm Force, just make sure your near to port before you try it.

Yacht Master By Cloudy Reef :

Yacht Master By Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

Being the next e-liquid in the line that I tried, Yacht Master was not at all what I was expecting, Rhubarb is not a flavour I would usually choose but the ingredient flavours of apple and pear did intrigue me, I can say that the rhubarb is the more prominent flavour in this blend, the pear is the sweetness to the sharper rhubarb but on both inhale and exhale the stronger rhubarb comes through just a little too much, I’m mot actually sure why the apple is in there as I personally did not taste it, but there are a lot of red root fruit fans out there in vape land so it would be a popular liquid blend for many, I will say that I did find it easy to vape but just not to my flavour profile.

Nautical Nell By Cloudy Reef :

Nautical Nell -by Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

My first taste of Nautical Nell I got hit by one of my favorite e-liquid flavours and that was vanilla yoghurt, rich and creamy and the vanilla is instantly recognisable to me, the vanilla is not strong but it is my favorite flavour, I love desert flavours so creamy yoghurt is a staple in some of my dessert flavoured e-liquids, the pomegranate gives a nice red tartness to the Nautical Nell e-liquid, I also get the slight bitterness of the blueberry fruit in this blend, I could not taste the strawberry but it would have to battle through some quite prominent flavours, all in all Nautical Nell is a nice round blended e-liquid but I think it would benefit from a more Ripe Strawberry flavour.

Sunfish By Cloudy Reef :

Sunfish -by Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

Now Sunfish is certainly starting to get towards my favorite type of flavour profile, Creamy Vanilla Custard is fantastic in this vape, the strawberry is not over powering, Cloudy Reef have definately got this blended e-liquid correct, the strawberry is subtle only appearing on the exhale but only in a feint taste, I want and need to feel those really creamy notes in my mouth and I do, the sweetness of the caramel which is almost a sweet burnt brown suggery taste towards the back of the palate?is amazing, there is no banana taste for me and i’m glad as banana always tends to overpower any other fruits, the vanilla is just there to flavour the creamy custard, this one is a strong?8/10 for me, I could easily vape this as an all day vape, if I could of got a tiny bit more of the strawberry then it would get top marks but I do really like it.

Riptide By Cloudy Reef :

Riptide -by Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

I really wasn’t sure what to make of this one, the blend ingredients of Riptide would usually turn me away from this kind of e-liquid, it’s the Absinthe that puts me off and yet I don’t think I have ever tasted it in an e-liquid but it’s just one of those ingredients that I don’t have any inclination to vape, I’m the same with menthol liquids, I know what menthol tastes like but I don’t wish to have it in my liquid arsenal, but I did say I would taste test some of the Cloudy Reef range I was given, so here goes, the over riding flavour here is the absinthe or liquorice flavour and it is powerful, the peach and passion fruit can be tasted as they are the sweet to the strong taste of liquorice, admittidly it’s not my type of e-liquid flavour, however, I did not dislike it and it’s quite a grower, I kind of bring away from the taste test that this tasted a little like a cough sweet or the kind of sweet candy you suck on when you have a cold, it’s not horrible at all it’s just that this flavour is very strong on my pallate and not in my flavour profile, I did though vape the whole 10ml bottle so that will tell you something, I do believe in tasting a liquid properly and actually the fruit flavours do go well with the absinthe and are in no way muted by it, I would say the peach is more prominent than the passion fruit however!

Barefoot Friday By Cloudy Reef :

Barefoot Friday -by Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

Well believe it or not, I actually am sitting here on a Friday but I’m not barefoot, although if I was on a dessert Island vaping Barefoot Friday I definatley would not have my shoes on, I can imaging vaping this e-liquid while walking along a sun drenched sandy beach in Bora Bora without a care in the world, I’ve stated before that Mint is not in my flavour profile but I think it is certainly going to be from now on, I was expecting the worst when I read “a hint of fresh mint”, but I need not of worried, the mint?has more of a cooling effect in this blend from Cloudy Reef and not an over bearing element of it, I totally get it now!? “a hint of”, means a cooling sensation to the juice and not a full lungful of menthol apocolypse, I get the beautiful taste of Pomegranate, I get the Green juicy Kiwi and I pick up fruity notes of Blackcurrent and it all washes over my pallate on the exhale with a cooling flavour blend that oozes out in the vapour, leaving a waft of fruitiness lingering in the air as I take another long vape to enjoy the fruits of my labour again, I love Barefoot Friday e-liquid, I really didn’t think I would but this is definatley going in to rotation in a tank.

Dawn Patrol By Cloudy Reef :

Dawn Patrol -by Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

Do you like lime? If you do like lime flavours you will absolutly love this Dawn Patrol by Cloudy Reef, I used this e-liquid in a tank and in an RDA and I picked up Lime by the truck load, In the tank I did not get any of the pineapple, caramel or strawberry that is suppose to be in this blend on a fresh coil, even a day later as the coil bedded in there was no alteration, the RDA however built to 0.2 ohm and at 50 watts of power I did start picking up mild Pineapple notes and a sweetness of caramel, I still could not taste the strawberry though, I think this is a strange blend, Lime is a very strong flavour, I actually use lime flavour concentrate from Inawera when I make my own DIY Chocolate Lime Sweets e-liquid and it can be overpowering even in the smallest quantities in a blend, I think with Dawn Patrol you would need to vape the liquid at such a high wattage to get those other flavour notes that you may end up just boiling the liquid, this is not one for me but this is just my take on it, you may taste something that I haven’t.

Sea Nymph By Cloudy Reef :

Sea Nymph -by Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

I have a lot of?respect for a fantastically blended e-liquid, it takes blending experts time and a lot of knowledge to come up with nice recipes but it takes a genius to come up with a great recipe, Sea Nymph is one of those recipes that does exactly as it says on the bottle, first off the flavour is very juicy and from the minute you take?your first vape you immediatly want more but the second time you vape it you taste something different from the first, Sea Nymph is one of those blends that has layer after layer of fabulous flavours, one inhale and you get sweet watermelon with a cooling after taste then you inhale another lung full and you get warming raspberry, then you vape it the next morning and you get a cooling blackcurrent sensation,? it’s a fantastic e-liquid from Cloudy Reef, I’d say the sweetness that comes through is more than just fruit but that’s the idea, if you?get so many different flavours in a blend that is only reported to have four flavours then you’ve found a great liquid, I absolutly love this and will give this the strongest 10/10 for a fruit flavoured e-liquid, if you like watermelon then it’s a must to have in your vaping arsenal, but even if you just love cool fruity vapes then you must give Sea Nymph a go.

Coastal Fog By Cloudy Reef :

Coastal Fog -by Cloudy Reef Deluxe E-Liquid

Erm… They say Coastal Fog is a Banana flavoured e-liquid, I agree, it does have banana as I can taste it on the inhale where it presents itself as a sweet banana, they say that it has hazelnuts, I agree that it has nuts well!, it does have a nutty kind of taste but I wouldn’t say hazelnut, they say it has vanilla, strawberry and caramel also but I would have to say that to my pallate it doesn’t, so what would I say? well, there is banana and it is sweet, so maybe banana and caramel, but the strawberry and hazelnut are missing to my palate, I have used my two setups for this liquid as well as all the other taste tests and neither of them deliver strawberry or vanilla in Coastal Fog, now as I always tell you, taste is subjective, meaning that what I taste compared to you maybe totally different, the only way to get a true representation of an e-liquid is to try it yourself, I am here only as a guide and to truthfully say that if you like a sweet banana taste then Coastal Fog is for you, but be aware, you may also taste hazelnuts, caramel and even strawberry.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on some of the Cloudy Reef Range of E-Liquids this concludes my taste test of some of the blends, I hope that?I have helped you decide on some of the ones you may like to try, I have been 100% honest in what I tasted in the e-liquids I tried?but again I would remind you that taste is subjective so please let me know what flavours you get from any of these blends.

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