Covid 19 Update

We are still open at the moment however in light of the latest government announcements shops like ours may have to close in the near future! We are taking every precaution to keep all our staff and...

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What is CBD (cannabidiol)?

Artisan CBD Oil is extracted from the Whole Cannabis Plant using Super Critical CO2 Extraction and contains many cannabinoids such as CBD (cannabidiol), CBC (cannabichromene), CBG (cannabigerol) and...

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Why is my vape getting hot?

There can be many reasons why your vape can get hot. If you continuously vape this can cause it to become hot, due to the elements heating the coil.? The more you use it the less time your coil has...

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Why is my vape crackling??

Some people think there is a problem with there vape when they hear it crackle but this usually isn?t the case. It is normal for your vape to crackle as this is just your e-liquid warming up on the...

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Why is my e-cig burning?

With the wide range of nice flavours now available to purchase vaping has become more enjoyable as well as the many other benefits.? There can be a few reasons as to why your e-cig tastes burnt....

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