Innokin iSub RBA No Spill Coil System for iSub Tanks

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Vaping Information

Being a big fan of building my own coils in certain Tanks and RDA’s and owning an Innokin iSub S tank I was interested to see what the Innokin iSub RBA No Spill Coil System for iSub Tanks was all about, I very rarely use standard shop built coil heads anymore as I can build coils myself, but seeing how a small inexpensive RBA kit was being made by Innokin for it’s own tanks was very intriguing, I’ve even made a simple video showing how I used it.

In the Tin you get:
An iSub RBA Base
A Coil Spit Proof Cap for the base
A Pack of Organic Cotton
A Set of O-rings and Small Screws
A Ceramic Rod
A Blue Screwdriver
And 2 Prebuilt Micro Coils at around 0.5 ohms each

This iSub RBA is a small head to use to build a coil in, but having coiled a Kanger head years ago and that being very small, I found?that it is the best way to start in the world of self building your coils, if you can manage to build on a very small RBA deck then you will be able to coil anything else in the future which has a much larger deck.

The Innokin iSub RBA No Spill Coil System for iSub Tanks arrives in a nice aluminium tin with a sponge insert that has cut-outs for all the tools and pre built coils, looking at the RBA head you can clearly see how the coil is suppose to fit in, the coil will fit on to the red and black coil tool and slide in to the RBA head and sit in the two wick slots, the two legs or wires fit down and each go through a separate hole in the base of the RBA, one being the live and one being the negative, these two wires are then held in place with the included screws of which there are spares also and then?tightened up with the blue screw driver.

At this point you can snip off the excess leads and remove the red and black coil tool, leaving your coil in place, all that is left is to cut a strip of the included organic cotton and thread it through the holes and through the coil, trim of the ends and fit the head in to your preferred tank.

At this point I cannot stress enough about testing your coil resistance, this is most important, the 521 Coil Master Mini Tab I use in the video is a god send for testing, once the resistance is stable and giving a non fluctuating reading then you know you have the coil seated and connected properly, at this point you can then add your e-liquid to the tank, never fire the coil without e-liquid as you will burn the cotton.

All in all I found the process of using the Innokin iSub RBA No Spill Coil System for iSub Tanks Kit a pleasure to use, the tools have all been thought out well and they give you almost everything you could need apart from a resistance tester, however, if you are interested in getting in to building regularly then I would highly advise getting the Coil Master Kit as it really does supply everything a coil builder could possibly need to build and fit coils.

I hope you enjoy the little video, it is my very first build video and is a little rough around the edges, but as I always say, with experience comes quality, so hoping my second video will be much better and more informative for you all.

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