Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Mods

Today I’m looking at the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank which is supplied in a kit form, Innokin release some brilliant products most are aimed at the new vaper but occasionally they release a generation two product that is aimed at the vaper who now has a few months of vaping experience?under their belt and is looking for their next device to move up too.

Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

Innokin’s first move in to the Temperature Control market is with this kit called the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank, the Cortex TC mod is a great looking device from Innokin and contains a quality circuit board inside called the IKARNO S1 chip, you need a decent chip inside Temperature Control mods to offer you all the protections possible when a mod will be capable of heating numerous types of coils, Innokin are so well known for making safe working mods that you would only expect the best from them.

Innokin have offered us a few colour choices with the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod, it is available in the finishes of Black, Silver, Blue and a really lovely looking Red device, the box packaging looks really nice with the boxes clearly showing which colour is in which box.

Upon opening the box we are met with the top layer consisting of the coloured mod chosen and the iSub S tank,

Here is?the list of contents :
Innokin Cortex TC Mod
iSub S Tank with Ni200 TC Coil at 0.01 ohm (Temp range is 180C – 270C or 356F – 518F)
0.5 ohm Horizontal Coil (Wattage 25W ? 35W)
0.5ohm Clapton Coils (Wattage 30W ? 70W)
Delrin drip tip in Black (Silver is already fitted on to iSub S Tank)
Pack of spare O Rings
Micro USB Charger
A Quick Start Guide
A Cortex User Manual

There are even a couple on Innokin Stickers in the box, Innokin really do think of everything haha! it’s nice that there is the NI200 coil within the iSub S tank ready to be primed and used but it’s also really good that they supply the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank with two Kanthal coils for wattage use and that they are both different, one being a standard 0.5 coil and the other being a Clapton coil, this kit really gives the user choice.

Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

So the main features of the kit include :
A 3300mAh Internal Battery
The device wattage is 6W – 80W
Ultra low standby Power Consumption
High efficiency
Energy Conserving
Will fire a coils down to 0.1ohm
Precision Temp Control +/- 5C
IKARNO S1 Temp Control Chip
Dry Hit Protection while in Temp Control
2 Amp Fast Charging supported

So unpacking the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod you have to be impressed at the quality and texture of the device, firstly is feels very solid with housing a 3300mAH battery but the coating that has been used by Innokin is great to touch and offers a really nice grip in the hand as it’s rough and yet smooth, it’s hard to describe but all I could say is it’s like touching a piece of matte black metal instead of a slippy piece of polished black metal, that has probably confused the hell out of you LOL but needless to say, I love the coating Innokin has used for the Cortex TC mod.

On looking over the Cortex TC we have a fire button on the side which is emblazoned with the Innokin logo and also houses an LED which will flash as the button is pressed, uniquely we have no LCD screen on the side of the mod like all others on the market, Innokin have used their design knowledge here and have hidden the LCD screen and Plus & Minus buttons on the bottom of the device out of reach of accidental presses, this is ingenious and a fantastic idea.

The mod is curved at the edges making it super comfy to hold and there are some detailing lines on the side which is becoming quite a feature of the later Innokin designed mods and on the side of the device is the Cortex name just so you don’t forget what device you have in your hand, we also have a Micro USB port on the side so at least the mod can stand up while being charged.

As I mentioned earlier, the LCD screen and buttons are on the base of the mod out of the way, I like the placement here, I was initially worried about possible scratching of the screen but I need not of worried as the screen sits within a lip on the base so it’s well protected, the Cortex TC mod is able to fire coils made of Kanthal in wattage mode and Nickel and Titanium in Temperature Control modes.

So the iSub tank is one I know well, it’s a great easy fill tank as it has a rotating top that uncovers the fill hole and the base has the easy swap coil system we’ve come to love about the Innokin range of tanks, so no messing when changing out the coil and it can even be done while you have a tank full of e-liquid.

The battery easily gave me a full days use in both Wattage mode and Temperature Control modes, I have not tried Titanium as it is a wire that I never use but the NI200 coil works really well giving me a lovely warm vape at my preferred 220C and being fully consistent for that whole inhale, all the statistics you need are shown on the LCD screen such as the coil resistance and the coil mode I was using, the battery level status, the wattage or temperature I was at and there was even a meter that told me how many puffs I’d taken, although I had to press a button to get that info.

Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

I have enjoyed using the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank although I am a bit of a pro with the tank as I’ve had one since it was first released, I tend to only use Innokin’s NI200 coils in it though as they work flawlessly in my opinion, the mod itself is just fantastic, the simplicity of the way it works goes to show just how much the IKARNO S1 chip actually does on it’s own and the looks of the device especially it’s coating amazed me, I must say again that I love it, it’s so unique in the hand and unlike any other device I own, The buttons are solid and provide a hassle free use every time infact it’s just a solid mod that Innokin has got completely right.

If you are interested in trying the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank in a kit colour of your choice, they are available on the Vapour Shack website and currently on a special offer so grab it while you can.

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