Endura T18 Complete Vaping System by Innokin

by | Feb 21, 2017 | Starter Kits

The Endura T18 Complete Vaping System by Innokin has been built and aimed squarely at the brand new vapers out there.
We will take look at the specs for the Innokin Endura T18 Kit and then go in depth at what the T18 Complete Vaping System can offer new vapers.

Endura T18 Complete Vaping System by Innokin

Innokin Endura T18 Complete Vaping System Box

Optimized power output and tank design delivering amazing flavour and vapour.
Easy to charge 1000mAH battery with overheat protection.
Easy top-fill? 2.5ml tank.
Pyrex Glass & quality Stainless Steel.
Simply fill with your favourite e-liquid. click the button and vape away.

The kit contents for the Endura T18 from Innokin contain:
The Endura T18 personal vaporizer
A Prism T18 tank
A set of two 1.5ohm coils
A micro USB charging cable
An Endura T18 user manual
A couple of spare drip tips & Spare O-rings
A plastic stand for standing up your device when not in use.

In Depth with the T18 Complete Vaping System:
The solid cardboard for the Innokin T18 Complete Vaping System is of a high quality so already gets you thinking that the contents will be of the same.
The magnetic flap opens showing off the Endura T18 battery, Prism Tank and Accessory compartment, the box was enclosed with an outer sleeve there is also?a ?Scratch & Check Authenticity label.
There is an instructional insert on the inside lid showing the T18 battery device configuration, how to get it put together, filled and working quickly.
The instructional insert is a very welcome addition seeing as this kit is aimed at a person who is just starting out in to vaping, Innokin have thought about this well.

Endura T18 Complete Vaping System by Innokin

Innokin Endura T18 Complete Vaping System Pieces

The Endura T18 Complete Vaping System by Innokin is available in the colours of Black, Pink, Blue or silver, we’ll look at the silver here.
The Battery unit of the Endura T18 is a nice sized tube containing the 1000mAH battery, it has a single three click on/off fire button and has an LED light around the button?showing useage & charge status.
The bottom of the T18 battery has a USB port for charging and this is hidden and covered by a nifty sliding door.
With 14 Watts Regulated on the T18 battery and a plethora of Protections built in, this is a capable and pretty safe device for the very new vaper.

The Complete Vaping System T18 kit offers you a tank to match the colour of the battery and holds 2.5ml of your favourite tasting e-liquid.
The Prism T18 Tank has a Top-Fill system that is so easy to use for a new vaper, simply unscrew the tanks lid and pour e-liquid down the side of the tube and replace the lid.
The Prism tank from Innokin also has the No Spill Coil Swap System for very easy coil replacement.
The T18 prism tank houses one of the 1.5ohm coils that is supplied and there is also a second coil for when the first one needs replacing.
The Endura T18 Complete Vaping System is squarely aimed at the brand new vaper that is looking for their first device to use while they give up the cigarettes.

Endura T18 Complete Vaping System by Innokin

Innokin Endura T18 Complete Vaping System Setup

There has always been a need for this type of kit and gradually they have come to the market and have gotten better and better.
Innokin have done well here learning from their past?and?supplying not only a beginner kit that works but a kit that gives a solid vaping experience and a device that should convert any smoker in to a vaper.
The Endura T18 Complete Vaping System by Innokin has to get a thumbs up, it’s here for a purpose and it will do?what is required as everything needed is within the kit.
If your wanting your first kit or you know someone who wants to quit smoking, you can see more info on the T18 kit and purchase this Innokin product HERE.

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