Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour I’m Blown Away

Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour I’m Blown Away

Jac Vapour has been in the vaping game since 2010 and all their hardware is designed and engineered in the UK, I’ve heard of Jac Vapour over the years but I never got around to trying one of their devices until recently, the Series-B DNA 75W simply blew my mind from the minute I unpacked the device to using it everyday as my daily driver for vaping, frankly! if I’d of known how good their products were I could well of saved myself a lot of money over the last few years.

Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour

I have some amazing mods in my collection of vape equipment, some of them work good straight out of the box, others need a bit of tinkering to get the best use from them, but the Series-B DNA 75W from Jac Vapour was and is just a perfect device, from the minute I held the solid packaging to the touch of the rubberized tactile coating of the device and right through to using the Series-B DNA 75W everyday for all my vaping needs I felt quality everywhere and I knew I was vaping with a piece of quality hardware, this device simply is “class & beauty personified” and that is coming from someone who has some devices in his collection that cost ?400 plus, for those of you looking for a solid vape device that covers all the vaping styles in a small, powerful and classy profile or if you are looking to upgrade your gen 1 device to a generation 2 device that could last you a life time, then I would ask you to look at the Series-B DNA 75W from Jac Vapour, it may just be the best vaping decision you make since deciding to quit tobacco.

DNA75 from Jac Vapour

Generation 1 devices are simply the device that got you to give up tobacco cigarettes in the first place, most have a small pen styled battery and atomizer that is not hugely powerful but it does the job of giving you that nic hit to get you off the fags, some vapours choose to stay with a gen 1 device as they are not comfortable with upgrading, or they are not happy to take the next step in their vaping due to the unknown, or they would rather keep buying gen 1 products and getting fed up of short battery life and they would probably end up back on tobacco, others do want to move up whether it be to try temperature control or just to have the power to go a few days on a battery rather than having to recharge a Gen 1 device every night, there are many reasons vapers do choose to upgrade so hopefully you may just be one of those gen 2 adopters that wants to improve the quality of their vaping or try a new style of vaping.

So what is the Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W all about? Designed by JAC in the UK, and marrying their own exceptional design with Evolv’s industry-leading DNA75 chip, the SERIES-B DNA 75W packs plenty of punch in an exceptional good looking and compact device, the wattage and temperature control box mod is for those who demand more from their vape and vaping style but the DNA board from Evolv has the ability to offer you a more satisfying and consistent vape than most Gen 2 devices do on the market.

The Features of the SERIES-B DNA 75W:

Stylish and compact design
The smallest DNA75 mod available
Dimensions ? 88mm x 22mm x 35mm
Dual layer finish for better durability
Up to 75W of power
Max temperature of 600F for temp control
Spring loaded positive 510 connector
Variable wattage and temperature control modes
USB on board charging and pass thru
Electroplated magnetic battery cover
0.91? OLED display
Advanced safety features
Loads of customisation possible via Evolv’s EScribe software
6 month UK held warranty

The very high quality construction with advanced safety features make this SERIES-B DNA 75W a supremely reliable device and with Evolv’s DNA75 chip on board means you will get unparalleled performance.

Evolv DNA board in the SERIES-B DNA

Whether you’re in it for the clouds or just looking for a trusty daily carry and go device then this is the device you need, the box includes the SERIES-B DNA 75W box mod a USB charging lead a Manual and the 6 month warranty so all you would also need to purchase is an 18650 battery and you will have what I consider to be the best generation 2 mod available today on the planet for form factor, style and use and worked flawlessly…… “It simply is that good and I’m blown away”.

Any of your 510 threaded tanks will fit on to this device so no need to go buying a new tank at all, so if you have a favourite tank simply screw it on top and vape away, I am currently using the Innokin iSub A mini tank in black on my Jac Vapour SERIES-B DNA 75W and it looks fantastic and works effortlessly but I have also tried tanks from Kanger, Aspire and Smok and all the coils work so nice with the DNA 75 chip, it delivers about the smoothest vape I’ve had from a mod.

Being an Evolv DNA board in the SERIES-B DNA you have access to fully accessible firmware so your device can be kept up to date and have the settings of the device update in the future.

Vapour-Shack com has the Jac Vapour Series-B DNA 75W for sale online or call in to the shop at Ford Green Mill, Ford Green Road, Stoke-on-Trent ST6 1NG where a member of staff can show you the device in person, all that’s left to decide is, are you a Gen 1 vaper or are you a Gen 2 next level type of vaper?

Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour I’m Blown Away

Innokin MVP4 Mod

While looking similar in shape and design to Innokin’s previous MVP offerings the Innokin MVP4 Mod improves with it’s design and functionality but retains many of the features of its predecessors that I loved so much.

In the box we have :
The Innokin MVP4 Mod
A Micro USB Cable
A Manual

Innokin MVP4 Mod

Innokin have improved the MVP line a huge amount since the very?early days of the MVP models that only featured 15 and 20 watts, 2017 introduces Innokin’s fourth iteration in the line, the Innokin MVP4 Mod, this device still keeps that box looking shape and has a huge battery capacity as the older models had.

The last Innokin offering being the MVP3 only had 30 watts of power, this MVP4 cranks out a much larger 100 watts?of vaping power and also features a large 4500mAh internal battery which will easily see a moderate vaper through the day, however this time we do have a 2Amp micro USB Quick Charge feature?which will see the device charge incredibly quickly, the MVP4 also doubles as a power bank if needed, so also ideal if your smartphone needed a boost of power due to low battery.

The Innokin MVP4 Mod is powered by Innokin’s amazing Aethon microchip, which has advanced Temperature Control capabilities and includes modes for Stainless Steel SS316L wire, Ni200 wire and Titanium wire as well as the standard Kanthal wires, where one of the Aethon microchip features really excels is?it’s ability to detect and avoid dry hits when vaping, which is fantastic, but the Innokin MVP4 Mod also features many other safety precautions as Innokin is so well known for.

The Tech specs :
Aethon Temperature Control Chipset
Stainless Steel 510 Threads
Gold Plated Contact Pin
Battery Capacity: Built-in 4500mAh Battery
Operating Wattage: 6.0 – 100.0 W
Temperature Control: Nickel (Ni200), Titanium (Ti), Stainless Steel 316 (SS316)
Temperature Range: 150-315C / 300-600F
Minimum Resistance: 0.1ohm
Recommend Resistance for TC Mode: Ni200 (0.1 – 0.2ohm), Ti (0.1 – 0.5ohm), SS316L (0.2 – 1.0ohm)
Maximum Working Current: 30A
Maximum Output Voltage: 7.5V
High Quality and Bright OLED Display Screen
5V/2A Micro USB Quick Charge
Power bank Function
Vape While Charging Technology
Precision Temperature Control
Direct Current – Steady Power Output
Balanced Even Coil Heat Up
Ultra Low External Heat Generation
Dry Hit Detection and Prevention
Ultra Low Standby Power Consumption

We get high quality Stainless Steel threads on the 510 connection and also a gold plated 510 connection pin, gold allows for currents to flow more smoothly and being a 510 thread means its compatible with the majority of RDA’s and Tanks on the market.

The large OLED screen is mounted on the side of the device and displays all the information you would need such as the wattage or temperature depending on what mode you are?in and the?charge level of the battery, the Innokin MVP4 Mod also features pass through technology and can be used while it is charging which is a bonus if this was your only device.

All together I think Innokin have again given us a device that simply works and works well, I have found the Innokin MVP4 Mod to be fantastic in all modes with all wires, my favourite setup?for this device being NI200 wire, the Dry Hit Detection and Prevention feature is amazingly well implemented and I’ve never feared over a dry hit while taking the longest inhale, the mod feels solid in the hand, weighty but not over weighted and the button placement is comfortable to use, all in all I have found the Innokin MVP4 a great device to use as an everyday mod. has the Innokin MVP4 Mod on the website in the colours of Blue, Red, Aquamarine, Black and Silver so a colour to suit all tastes.

Series-B DNA 75W Jac Vapour I’m Blown Away

ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok

It’s not often that I come across a vaping manufacturer whose mods I’ve never used before, but then I got hold of the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok, that’s right! I have never used a Smok box mod before, I don’t know why, it’s just one of those things, but I actually got to test a few Smok things lately and the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok was something that I really liked.

From the minute I opened the box and saw the multi coloured bezel around the face of the device to using it everyday?I knew this was going to be something special and It just hasn’t disappointed, no matter what RDA, Tank or RDTA I put on the Alien 220 Watt mod she fires it with ease and gives me power for days.
I have select spaces in my vape cabinet for devices that I really love and the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok is taking one of those spaces, “This one is a keeper“.

ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok

A Days Fishing

I believe that Smok sell this mod in a kit with the TFV Baby Beast Tank, but also as a stand alone mod like the one?I have.

In The Box :
The Smok ALIEN 220 Watt TC Box Mod
A USB Cable
The User Manual
A Battery Safety Card
A Warranty Card
Amazingly a Screen Protector for the display to keep the screen in superb condition

So unpacking the device you immediately see that the design touches to the face and the rear of the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok are really funky, on the front you have rainbow type colour banding including greens through to purple shades going around the sides to the rear where we have banding of gold shades to blue, this is something very simple but stunning to look at and frankly makes a lot of other box mods look plain and boring.

The shape of the Smok ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod is a box but with rounded out corners allowing the Alien to fit your hand really comfortably and there is a large fire button running down the side of the device, the OLED screen can be found on the front with a carbon fibre effect panel on the reverse which just screams style all over, on the bottom is the battery door and upon opening the battery door you can clearly see on the inside door itself is marked with?a minus and a plus, also the letters A and B are there to indicate battery A and battery B and which way they?are to?be fitted, on the top of the device is a stainless steel 510 connection fitting with a pin which is spring loaded.

So upon fitting two18650 batteries the following info on the OLED screen is available :
Wattage or Temperature (depends on mode your in)
PCB Heat
Puff Counter
Battery Meters A and B
Seconds Counter
(Soft) (Normal) or (Hard) vaping effect

Smok Alien Box Mod Kit 220 Watts?Smok Alien Box Mod Kit 220 Watts

There is a lot of info on this display but it is very easy to read as this is Smok’s own designed PCB board and display, the mods height is only 85mm tall which is getting to be around the standard these day for 18650 sized devices, Twin 18650 batteries in this elegant mod gives us a capability of 6 watts to 220 watts and in temp control we have 100*C to 315*C available?which is plenty for all but cloud competition men, the resistance range of the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok is 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms in wattage mode and 0.06 ohms to 3.0 ohms in temperature control mode.

I will say that the menu system takes a little getting use to or it did for me, but I guess if you have used a Smok mod before then your well away, the menu is fully controlled via the large fire button on the side of the device and the plus and minus buttons which are all easily accessible at the front, I was surprised at the battery life on the Alien 220 watt mod, I used the device as a heavy vaper during two days of fishing and after the two days I still had about a third power left in the battery bank, this is a very efficient mod and is the main reason it’s a keeper, aside from it’s futuristic looks of coarse.

With not using a Smok mod before I did not know what to expect of quality, power, looks and everyday use, but I have to say with 100% conviction that I need not of worried, the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok is utterly brilliant and worked and performed like any of my high end mods, you can tell that the Smok designers had spent a lot of time on development of this mod and it shows when you use it.

I also wish to add, that when I had the chance of looking at a high powered mod like this 220 watt device, I often think who needs 220 watts? well admittedly some vapers do actually use this sort of power, but for me, having a device this powerful gives me a couple of days of use, I only vape at 25 to 30 watts, so don’t think that because a device is so powerful you have to use that power, the board in it has been designed to give the power of 220w when needed, but it has also been designed to be very efficient, and at 30 watts it is an amazingly efficient Board.

Vapour Shack has the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok in stock and ready to be shipped out to you, If you love style and a solid working device then you won’t be disappointed, “I love it“.

Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

Today I’m looking at the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank which is supplied in a kit form, Innokin release some brilliant products most are aimed at the new vaper but occasionally they release a generation two product that is aimed at the vaper who now has a few months of vaping experience?under their belt and is looking for their next device to move up too.

Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

Innokin’s first move in to the Temperature Control market is with this kit called the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank, the Cortex TC mod is a great looking device from Innokin and contains a quality circuit board inside called the IKARNO S1 chip, you need a decent chip inside Temperature Control mods to offer you all the protections possible when a mod will be capable of heating numerous types of coils, Innokin are so well known for making safe working mods that you would only expect the best from them.

Innokin have offered us a few colour choices with the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod, it is available in the finishes of Black, Silver, Blue and a really lovely looking Red device, the box packaging looks really nice with the boxes clearly showing which colour is in which box.

Upon opening the box we are met with the top layer consisting of the coloured mod chosen and the iSub S tank,

Here is?the list of contents :
Innokin Cortex TC Mod
iSub S Tank with Ni200 TC Coil at 0.01 ohm (Temp range is 180C – 270C or 356F – 518F)
0.5 ohm Horizontal Coil (Wattage 25W ? 35W)
0.5ohm Clapton Coils (Wattage 30W ? 70W)
Delrin drip tip in Black (Silver is already fitted on to iSub S Tank)
Pack of spare O Rings
Micro USB Charger
A Quick Start Guide
A Cortex User Manual

There are even a couple on Innokin Stickers in the box, Innokin really do think of everything haha! it’s nice that there is the NI200 coil within the iSub S tank ready to be primed and used but it’s also really good that they supply the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank with two Kanthal coils for wattage use and that they are both different, one being a standard 0.5 coil and the other being a Clapton coil, this kit really gives the user choice.

Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

So the main features of the kit include :
A 3300mAh Internal Battery
The device wattage is 6W – 80W
Ultra low standby Power Consumption
High efficiency
Energy Conserving
Will fire a coils down to 0.1ohm
Precision Temp Control +/- 5C
IKARNO S1 Temp Control Chip
Dry Hit Protection while in Temp Control
2 Amp Fast Charging supported

So unpacking the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod you have to be impressed at the quality and texture of the device, firstly is feels very solid with housing a 3300mAH battery but the coating that has been used by Innokin is great to touch and offers a really nice grip in the hand as it’s rough and yet smooth, it’s hard to describe but all I could say is it’s like touching a piece of matte black metal instead of a slippy piece of polished black metal, that has probably confused the hell out of you LOL but needless to say, I love the coating Innokin has used for the Cortex TC mod.

On looking over the Cortex TC we have a fire button on the side which is emblazoned with the Innokin logo and also houses an LED which will flash as the button is pressed, uniquely we have no LCD screen on the side of the mod like all others on the market, Innokin have used their design knowledge here and have hidden the LCD screen and Plus & Minus buttons on the bottom of the device out of reach of accidental presses, this is ingenious and a fantastic idea.

The mod is curved at the edges making it super comfy to hold and there are some detailing lines on the side which is becoming quite a feature of the later Innokin designed mods and on the side of the device is the Cortex name just so you don’t forget what device you have in your hand, we also have a Micro USB port on the side so at least the mod can stand up while being charged.

As I mentioned earlier, the LCD screen and buttons are on the base of the mod out of the way, I like the placement here, I was initially worried about possible scratching of the screen but I need not of worried as the screen sits within a lip on the base so it’s well protected, the Cortex TC mod is able to fire coils made of Kanthal in wattage mode and Nickel and Titanium in Temperature Control modes.

So the iSub tank is one I know well, it’s a great easy fill tank as it has a rotating top that uncovers the fill hole and the base has the easy swap coil system we’ve come to love about the Innokin range of tanks, so no messing when changing out the coil and it can even be done while you have a tank full of e-liquid.

The battery easily gave me a full days use in both Wattage mode and Temperature Control modes, I have not tried Titanium as it is a wire that I never use but the NI200 coil works really well giving me a lovely warm vape at my preferred 220C and being fully consistent for that whole inhale, all the statistics you need are shown on the LCD screen such as the coil resistance and the coil mode I was using, the battery level status, the wattage or temperature I was at and there was even a meter that told me how many puffs I’d taken, although I had to press a button to get that info.

Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank

I have enjoyed using the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank although I am a bit of a pro with the tank as I’ve had one since it was first released, I tend to only use Innokin’s NI200 coils in it though as they work flawlessly in my opinion, the mod itself is just fantastic, the simplicity of the way it works goes to show just how much the IKARNO S1 chip actually does on it’s own and the looks of the device especially it’s coating amazed me, I must say again that I love it, it’s so unique in the hand and unlike any other device I own, The buttons are solid and provide a hassle free use every time infact it’s just a solid mod that Innokin has got completely right.

If you are interested in trying the Innokin Cortex Temperature Control Mod with iSub S Tank in a kit colour of your choice, they are available on the Vapour Shack website and currently on a special offer so grab it while you can.

Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod

Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod

Today we are going to take a look at the Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod, The mini mod is really making waves at the moment within the vaping community, it seems as though not everyone wants to carry a huge device around with them these days, Innokin have really nailed it with the Pebble.

Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box ModInnokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod

This Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod is small and powerful,? it’s very simple to use and it?will give you?up to 50 watts of power, it has an internal 1300mAH battery which is amazing considering the size of the mod, but what really sells the device for me, is the fact that Innokin makes it, I know the quality will be top notch and the device will last years?as Innokin really test the products they make, they do not release any product until they know it is safe for the public to use.

So when looking at the Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod my first thought is that this would suit a new user just starting out on their vaping journey, the ease of charging with the included charge lead and the basic and simple use of the unit all?points?to a new user, put a small 2ml tank on this battery mod and the newer vaper?would be very happy with vaping life.

If you are an advanced vaper looking for a nice easy to use mod to use at work or to carry in your hand bag, the Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod could be for you, the simplicity of the controls of the device and the fact that it is not much larger than an average sized box of matches, this device would be great for carrying in your pocket on a night out.

You can even?use this device when sitting at your desk as it can be used while it is recharging offering super convenience.

Taking a look at the box specs:
6 – 50 Watts Precise Output.
13mAH Internal Battery.
MicroUSB Charging.
Stainless Steel 510 Connection.
Advanced Safety Protections (Overheat, Over Discharge and Charging).

Contents of the Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box:
1 x Coolfire Pebble Personal Vaporizer.
1 x Micro USB Charging Cable.
1 x User Manual.

The Coolfire Pebble is available in the colours of Black, White, Gold, Coffee and Dark Blue giving you some great choice and?you could even match the Pebble up with a small tank of similar colour to match it’s size to give you the ultimate stealth type size, you could use a standard size tank or a smaller more sleek tank?but recommended tanks?like the Innokin T18E, Slipstream or better still the iSub range of tanks would help give the Pebble from Innokin a unique and superb look and a stealthy vape.

Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod

The Coolfire Pebble from Innokin is a brilliantly constructed mod, it’s super tiny and?super powerful for it’s size, it can use sub-ohm tanks giving you?that direct lung hit you crave?or you can use a standard tank for?that mouth to lung vape, if your looking for your first e-cig but don’t fancy a tube shaped device then this mini boxed shape device will be just perfect for you, if you’re already a vaper and you are looking for a small and convenient mod to carry when out and about and?one that would fit in your bag or pocket then this Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod could well be for you.

If you would like to know more about the Innokin Coolfire Pebble Box Mod then please take a look at?Website?HERE.

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