ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok

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It’s not often that I come across a vaping manufacturer whose mods I’ve never used before, but then I got hold of the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok, that’s right! I have never used a Smok box mod before, I don’t know why, it’s just one of those things, but I actually got to test a few Smok things lately and the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok was something that I really liked.

From the minute I opened the box and saw the multi coloured bezel around the face of the device to using it everyday?I knew this was going to be something special and It just hasn’t disappointed, no matter what RDA, Tank or RDTA I put on the Alien 220 Watt mod she fires it with ease and gives me power for days.
I have select spaces in my vape cabinet for devices that I really love and the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok is taking one of those spaces, “This one is a keeper“.

ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok

A Days Fishing

I believe that Smok sell this mod in a kit with the TFV Baby Beast Tank, but also as a stand alone mod like the one?I have.

In The Box :
The Smok ALIEN 220 Watt TC Box Mod
A USB Cable
The User Manual
A Battery Safety Card
A Warranty Card
Amazingly a Screen Protector for the display to keep the screen in superb condition

So unpacking the device you immediately see that the design touches to the face and the rear of the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok are really funky, on the front you have rainbow type colour banding including greens through to purple shades going around the sides to the rear where we have banding of gold shades to blue, this is something very simple but stunning to look at and frankly makes a lot of other box mods look plain and boring.

The shape of the Smok ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod is a box but with rounded out corners allowing the Alien to fit your hand really comfortably and there is a large fire button running down the side of the device, the OLED screen can be found on the front with a carbon fibre effect panel on the reverse which just screams style all over, on the bottom is the battery door and upon opening the battery door you can clearly see on the inside door itself is marked with?a minus and a plus, also the letters A and B are there to indicate battery A and battery B and which way they?are to?be fitted, on the top of the device is a stainless steel 510 connection fitting with a pin which is spring loaded.

So upon fitting two18650 batteries the following info on the OLED screen is available :
Wattage or Temperature (depends on mode your in)
PCB Heat
Puff Counter
Battery Meters A and B
Seconds Counter
(Soft) (Normal) or (Hard) vaping effect

Smok Alien Box Mod Kit 220 Watts?Smok Alien Box Mod Kit 220 Watts

There is a lot of info on this display but it is very easy to read as this is Smok’s own designed PCB board and display, the mods height is only 85mm tall which is getting to be around the standard these day for 18650 sized devices, Twin 18650 batteries in this elegant mod gives us a capability of 6 watts to 220 watts and in temp control we have 100*C to 315*C available?which is plenty for all but cloud competition men, the resistance range of the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok is 0.1 ohms to 3.0 ohms in wattage mode and 0.06 ohms to 3.0 ohms in temperature control mode.

I will say that the menu system takes a little getting use to or it did for me, but I guess if you have used a Smok mod before then your well away, the menu is fully controlled via the large fire button on the side of the device and the plus and minus buttons which are all easily accessible at the front, I was surprised at the battery life on the Alien 220 watt mod, I used the device as a heavy vaper during two days of fishing and after the two days I still had about a third power left in the battery bank, this is a very efficient mod and is the main reason it’s a keeper, aside from it’s futuristic looks of coarse.

With not using a Smok mod before I did not know what to expect of quality, power, looks and everyday use, but I have to say with 100% conviction that I need not of worried, the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok is utterly brilliant and worked and performed like any of my high end mods, you can tell that the Smok designers had spent a lot of time on development of this mod and it shows when you use it.

I also wish to add, that when I had the chance of looking at a high powered mod like this 220 watt device, I often think who needs 220 watts? well admittedly some vapers do actually use this sort of power, but for me, having a device this powerful gives me a couple of days of use, I only vape at 25 to 30 watts, so don’t think that because a device is so powerful you have to use that power, the board in it has been designed to give the power of 220w when needed, but it has also been designed to be very efficient, and at 30 watts it is an amazingly efficient Board.

Vapour Shack has the ALIEN 220 Watt TC Mod by Smok in stock and ready to be shipped out to you, If you love style and a solid working device then you won’t be disappointed, “I love it“.

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